Apparently Snorg Tees don’t read the news and released a shirt about airplanes this week

by Andy on March 12, 2014

I wonder if there was a conversation in the Snorg office about whether it was a smart move to release a t-shirt abut planes in the same week that a plane carrying 239 people disappeared from the skies without a trace. One their Facebook page a commenter did say it wasn’t particularly funny, which received this response:

“Hey this design was something our artist came up with a long time ago…the release timing is just a bad coincidence.”

Here’s the thing, I’m pretty sure no one thought that they saw the news and though, “guys, we can totally make a shirt about this plane story, people are going to LOVE IT.” Maybe just put off the release for a week and replace it with something else, or just offer two new shirts this week, since this probably isn’t going to be a big seller anyway, especially this week when it might make people a bit uneasy. That response makes it seem like they were powerless to do anything about the release, which is just odd, wait a week and no one would think badly of the company, but this just makes them look bad.

On the plus side, the other two shirts don’t suck, so there’s that!

*Update: I just received the regular weekly e-mail from Snorg that shows what new goods that they have this week and the plane tee is not mentioned at all.*

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