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June 2014

Joffa Clothing

by Andy on June 30, 2014

Joffa Clothing is a small clothing brand based in Shrewsbury in the UK. We started up fall last year and are selling a wide range of clothing. We got started out of the ambition to one day have a successful clothing brand such as Hype who also started out in Shrewsbury. We sell snapbacks, jumpers, tees and beanies and are constantly coming up with new designs for the future. We love to hear feedback from customers and followers and take on suggestions for new clothing from all our fans.

You can check us out at, Twitter @joffaclothing and Facebook.

Andy: I like the all-over print shirt, it’s something a bit different compared to most of the ones that are all about world cities and hot women, it’s just a cool photo on a shirt (I’m guessing it’s of Shrewsbury based on my very brief stop for lunch there on a road trip). I’m not too excited by the ‘Fresh’ shirt, it’s not that interesting and other people are doing similar stuff. I can see why it would be tempting to a new brand since that kind of thing is popular, but I prefer the more original designs.


We love Game of Thrones!

by Andy on June 30, 2014

I released a new House of Thrones collection!

Do you want a Targaryen banner without the medieval look? or maybe you just want the Greyjoy logo for your child!

Here’s the right time to catch it! Use the WEEKEND20 coupon code on my RedBubble during the weekend and you can have all the products with 20% discount!
(it expires on Monday, June 30th, 2014 at 11:59 PM Pacific Time)

Also, there are little differences between the versions available on Redbubble and the versions on

Andy: I’ve seen better shirts, but it’s certainly an enjoyable design style.


“Beyond Tech” from Grey Matter Creations
Inspired by the cartoon series Batman Beyond.

Limited time promo price on Teespring!
In order to get my name out there, I’m doing a special promo price of $20.00 @
This offer is for a limited time only, campaign ends on 7/7/2014.

Andy: I haven’t seen the show so I can’t really comment, but doesn’t this shirt seem more like merchandise than something that is created originally with Batman as the inspiration?


Propa-T: 10% Discount This Weekend

by Andy on June 27, 2014

Propa-T is a newly-launched graphic tee brand, from the team behind the club night ‘Propaganda’. The Spring/Summer 2014 collection features badass designs that are fun, bold and full of character. The inspirations for our designs range from festivals to girl gangs to Godzilla… and prices range from £12 – £20.

This weekend we are giving a 10% discount across the entire range:
Visit and enter the discount code: WHONEEDSGLASTO in the final stages of payment to redeem the offer, from Friday 27th June – Sunday 29th June (midnight)

Andy: Love that pizza shirt!


Gods collection by Born Ready

by Andy on June 27, 2014

I have always been interested in myths and legends especially old drawings and the various interpretations that have been made over time. The strongest period in mythology for me would be Greek Mythology. The stories, statues and art covering this subject provides such a rich pool of creativity that I knew I wanted to base a collection around it. This first release focuses on two of the most well known figures from Greek Mythology in Zeus and Atlas, whilst also adding a lesser known goddess in Hebe – the goddess of youth, which makes up this 8 piece collection.

Andy: Ahhh, such energy and enthusiasm from the models!


Art Wear by Sociale Revolution is available now for the first time, only through Kickstarter. Art Wear gives art lovers direct access to talented artists by fusing their work with all-organic, California-crafted clothing.

All of the Art used to make Art Wear is created exclusively for Sociale Revolution by artists who want to get their work beyond the gallery walls. Sociale Revolution works with these artists to create all-new pieces with fashion design in mind from the start. They also provide their artists with a wealth of resources such as in-team fashion designers, the highest quality manufacturing, and premium printing to make their work shine.

But it’s not just what they’re making that’s unique, it’s how they’re making it. Everything is produced from scratch in Los Angeles from fabrics, to tags, to packaging, and all of the materials are 100% organic. The entire process is eco-friendly, right down to the pre-shrinking wash that softens the fabric before it gets to you to preserve the perfect fit through dozens of washes.

“We are proud to introduce a very unique concept that provides both Artists and Art lovers with a way to express their passions by literally wearing them on their sleeve,” said Fabien Thierry, Co-Founder of Sociale Revolution. “The options people have for discovering new art have always been limited, and consequently most artists struggle to be seen and support themselves with their work. Sociale Revolution is a constantly growing collective striving to give this power back to the people who love art.”

Sociale Revolution’s Kickstarter campaign will run until July 18th, closing at 6:00 pm PST. You can find the campaign here or you can visit their website for more information

Andy: I love how happy they all look with in the card throwing photo, if I were in there I’m sure I’d be a lot more annoyed because you know what? Someone’s going to have to pick them all up and it’ll probably end up being me.


Hey Andy,

Check out new collection launch of Singhs Speed Shop
enter promo code “FRIENDS20″ for 20% discount off of full priced items and Free UK Delivery
Feel free to use it and share it with your friends too

Andy: Well, I think of all you readers as my friends. You feel the same, right?


This dinosaur necklace is rawr-some!

A charming plastic triceratops has been outfitted in his very own hoodie!

Necklace length is 34″. Dinosaur size is roughly 4 1/2″.

• Steel ball chain
• Plastic dinosaur
• Cotton / poly hoodie
• Silver-plated brass findings
• “Funhouse Labs” logo tag at back neck

$36.00 at Funhouse Labs

Andy: I don’t post jewellery on HYA often, but this was too unusual to pass up.


Creating goofy, often fan-art or zombie inspired apparel has become an entertaining past-time for me. My Design By Humans line has developed into an unpredictable and always growing collection of quotes and doodles that I hope others will love wearing as much as I would. Come take a look :)

Andy: Some I like, some I don’t, I don’t know how to feel!


€5 Off on all Tees at Classy Cotton!

by Andy on June 26, 2014

Now €5 off of every order in the Classy Cotton store for the first 5 people! Use coupon code FIVEOFF

Too late? Don’t be sad. You can still get 10% off using coupon code 10PERCENTOFF, unlimited!

Andy: Thanks for the submission!


Hi guys,

First of all your blog is great. It‘s good to see that there are open minds for t-shirts produced with love and passion. We just started our small t-shirt brand after a long journey from the first drawings to the final product. We are a German Malaysian couple traveling the world.

We believe in fair produced, high quality and unique shirts. Besides our love for t-shirts we also want to put out a message, that cheap mass produced apparels is not the right way to go.

To all Friends, T-Shirt fans, Travelers Multiculties….Have a look on the website

Thank you,
Peter & Cindy

Andy: Not really my style but I can see this being people with a certain niche and in galleries.


That is a damn sweet deal, shirts for $14 at TeePublic. They don’t have sales like this too often so it it good to take advantage of, and with their being 16800 designs available in their catalogue you should be able to find something that you like. No coupon needed, the discount is already applied.


Decent deal from our friends over at Seventh.Ink that I spotted on their FB feed, get on it!

Making this deal a little sweeter! 20% off all clothing + FREE Crystal Lake magnet with any clothing purchase! Use code “SAVE20” in checkout, this week only! Excludes Grab Bags, ends Friday. Shop at


Crown & Cross – London Clothing Co.

by Andy on June 25, 2014

Crown & Cross are a recently opened London Clothing Co.

Run by designer Alex Tillbrook & Lewis White

Check out their site for a range of unisex items, the brand will be releasing SS14 shortly!

Andy: Excellent lookbook photography, it’ll be interesting to see what they come up with next.

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One Love Tanks from Zen Lyfe Clothing!

by Andy on June 25, 2014

Stay Zen this summer in Zen Lyfe Clothing’s brand new One Love Tank! You can Purchase at Peace, Love, Zen!

Andy: Thanks for the submission!


Hello Andy,

My name is Julian and im owning a fashion brand called “Basqia Clothing“.
I just released my latest collection called “Mavericks” and wanted to ask you whether you could blog something about my label/the collection.

Thank you,

Julian, Basqia Clothing

Andy: I can and I will post about it!



by Andy on June 25, 2014

Introducing for our 2014 SUMMER LINE UP, our basic but EPIC trendy T-Shirts design for girls and guys. Our new simple yet classy and comfortable styles for the 2014 SUMMER will have you looking and feeling EPIC. For only $9.99 you cant beat the price. EpicPhame offers premium, soft and comfy T-shirts for all occasions. All of our shirts and designs are made in house using the best quality methods possible. We also offer custom T-shirts for any occasion! we don’t have a minimum on how many shirts you want! You be the EPIC designer and make your T-shirt look real with our friendly fast service!..

You can also follow us on IG@epicphamedesigns and facebook Epicphame.

Andy: I’m not going to sugarcoat it, these are not good designs and there is little value added on the website to persuade someone other than friends or family to purchase a shirt. There’s a lack of focus in the design style and they look like they were made in Word rather than an actual design programme like Illustrator or Photoshop. I’m sure these people have good intentions but the t-shirt market is far too saturated for a venture like this to be successful in it’s current form unless they already have a huge following from another venture, so I hope they haven’t sunk too much money into it.


Logobusting Makes Me Feel Good!

by Andy on June 25, 2014

Dear Andy,

I wanted to introduce you to some brand new logo-bustin’ t-shirts.

House of Diehl has been lovingly skewering high fashion for years, and producing the occasional t-shirt—starting with ‘IroNY‘ back in 2002.

We recently got ripped off by the unscrupulous label What About Yves. We were a little miffed, but we’re like a hydra–steal one idea from us, and we’ll create four more to take its place! So, driven by the revenge of living well, we sat down and made these brand new ‘tongue in chic’ tees…

They are for sale at:

It’s true: occasionally our tees fall foul of brands themselves. That’s why we describe this line as ‘Legally Limited Editions’
—encouraging customers to buy it now, because it’s only available until the cease-and-desist letter comes!
Here’s a couple of past ‘Legally Limited’ tees:

Very best

Andy: Not really my style but thanks for the submission.


You could be the wealthiest person in the world. You could have all the possessions that one could possess. But all of that means nothing without love.

“Where there is love there is life.” – Mahatma Gandhi

20% Off – Enter SUMMERTIME at checkout – Expires June 30

Andy: Available from Livin’ Life Co


The “Punk’s Not Dead” shirt is an illustrative play on words by designer Dan Redding. Elvis is dead, and disco’s dead, but punk’s not dead!

Andy: Thanks for the submission.

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