Internationally renowned artists design T-shirts for charity using Indonesian kids’ drawings

by Andy on June 6, 2014

Nine renowned illustrative artists from around the world selflessly teamed up with the Face This foundation and designed the 2014 T-shirt collection for the Dutch based charity. All artists created their T-shirt with drawings made by underprivileged kids living in Bogor, Indonesia. The tees are available through and the profits made will be used to improve the community center of the kids. The artists also donated their original drawings to Face This which it will use to generate extra funding for the kids in Bogor. Dutch top photographer Jaap Vliegenthart photographed the 2014 Face This T-shirt collection.

For artist Ana Benaroya the collaboration was truly inspiring: ‘I love the Face This process and to me the kids’ drawings are inspiring to work with. It’s what I aspire to achieve in my drawings.’ The artists involved are:

Marguerite Sauvage (Louis Vuitton, YSL, Vogue, Elle)
Cecilia Carlstedt (Victoria’s Secret, Paul Smith, Victoria Beckham)
Billie Jean (Stella McCartney, Nike, Yoko Ono)
Kate Gibb (The Chemical Brothers, Levi’s, Adidas)
Ana Benaroya (Burton, Ralph Lauren, New York Times)
Dan Page (O Magazine, New York Times, Marie Claire)
David Despau (The New Yorker, Burton, Warner Bros.)
KT Smail (Converse, Macy’s, Seventeen)
Frida Wannerberger (Tetra Pak, Sommerset)

Indonesian kids’ drawings

Face This asked the artists to work with drawings made by the kids who visit the Asy-Syifa community center in Bogor. All proceeds will be used to improve the community center which educates around 70 kids. ‘We visited the kids in February and organized a drawing session with them. We shared their art with the artists eventually resulting in a stunning T-shirt collection,’ says Jos van der Hoek, founder of Face This.

Kids interviewing the artists

The Indonesian kids collaborated with the artists in designing the new Face This collection. But their drawings weren’t the kids’ only contribution. They also did a great job in interviewing every artist. For example about their designs, their favourite food and about bringing cats into space.

Exclusive giveaways

The artists donated their original drawings to Face This. These will be used to generate additional support for the kids. The foundation will set up auctions and arrange exclusive giveaways for people who ordered a tee in order to get a hand on these original artworks.


Dutch top photographer Jaap Vliegenthart, who works for clients like Vodafone, Citroën and Panasonic willingly captured the 2014 Face This T-shirts on camera. The models from the international model agency De Boekers also voluntarily joined forces.

Andy: Very cool concept and some nice tees too!

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