All Riot – Political t-shirts that don’t suck

by Andy on June 9, 2014

I am usually not a fan of political shirts, all too often they’re substance over style which is fine (yuck, people and their beliefs!), but Hide Your Arms is more about wearing things because they look good, and if they have a message, again, that’s fine. All Riot dropped me an e-mail to mention their political shirts, something which filled me with dread when I clicked on the link to their site.

Thankfully, they have that most unusual of concept, style AND substance, perfect for people that want to look good whilst making a statement, and also for people that want to look good whilst pretending to care about something.

Designs run the gamut from specific causes such as Palestine, US drone strikes, and surveillance culture to things which aren’t quite as polarising like Soviet propaganda.

Interestingly, they’re a London-based company but their prices defaulted to dollars when I visited the site, I guess this kind of makes sense since a lot of their designs are global issues so you don’t want to make things too obviously British (though they do have quite a few UK related designs).

Tees are around £18 which is reasonable for their sweatshop-free goods, and there’s even free shipping internationally which is impressive. I’ll definitely be keep tabs on these guys.

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