Lia Porter Collection of Floral Tees

by Andy on June 11, 2014

What is more laid back and glamorous than a sweet tee, jeans and flats? I’ve spent a long time looking for the kind of tees that are whimsical and artistic while still being wearable in a variety of situations. When I didn’t find any I really loved, I started my own line. These shirts start in the studio: I sketch a flower onto cold-pressed watercolor paper, apply many washes of paint, photograph the work and apply it to a high quality cotton t-shirt.

Andy: As you would imagine, pink t-shirts with flowers on them aren’t really my style, but there’s definitely a niche for this kind of thing and the artwork is perfectly pleasant.

  • Natali

    Oooh these tees are cute! :)

  • Tom

    Tom I could totally see you in one of these shirts! Just kidding. But for real I think my girlfriend would like the apple blossom one in the middle

  • brodster

    cute but not that cute L:)

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