Logobusting Makes Me Feel Good!

by Andy on June 25, 2014

Dear Andy,

I wanted to introduce you to some brand new logo-bustin’ t-shirts.

House of Diehl has been lovingly skewering high fashion for years, and producing the occasional t-shirt—starting with ‘IroNY‘ back in 2002.

We recently got ripped off by the unscrupulous label What About Yves. We were a little miffed, but we’re like a hydra–steal one idea from us, and we’ll create four more to take its place! So, driven by the revenge of living well, we sat down and made these brand new ‘tongue in chic’ tees…

They are for sale at: http://www.houseofdiehl.com/cgi/store/checkout.pl

It’s true: occasionally our tees fall foul of brands themselves. That’s why we describe this line as ‘Legally Limited Editions’
—encouraging customers to buy it now, because it’s only available until the cease-and-desist letter comes!
Here’s a couple of past ‘Legally Limited’ tees: http://cargocollective.com/houseofdiehl/Legally-Limited-Edition

Very best

Andy: Not really my style but thanks for the submission.

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