Sociale Revolution Disrupts Art & Fashion

by Andy on June 27, 2014

Art Wear by Sociale Revolution is available now for the first time, only through Kickstarter. Art Wear gives art lovers direct access to talented artists by fusing their work with all-organic, California-crafted clothing.

All of the Art used to make Art Wear is created exclusively for Sociale Revolution by artists who want to get their work beyond the gallery walls. Sociale Revolution works with these artists to create all-new pieces with fashion design in mind from the start. They also provide their artists with a wealth of resources such as in-team fashion designers, the highest quality manufacturing, and premium printing to make their work shine.

But it’s not just what they’re making that’s unique, it’s how they’re making it. Everything is produced from scratch in Los Angeles from fabrics, to tags, to packaging, and all of the materials are 100% organic. The entire process is eco-friendly, right down to the pre-shrinking wash that softens the fabric before it gets to you to preserve the perfect fit through dozens of washes.

“We are proud to introduce a very unique concept that provides both Artists and Art lovers with a way to express their passions by literally wearing them on their sleeve,” said Fabien Thierry, Co-Founder of Sociale Revolution. “The options people have for discovering new art have always been limited, and consequently most artists struggle to be seen and support themselves with their work. Sociale Revolution is a constantly growing collective striving to give this power back to the people who love art.”

Sociale Revolution’s Kickstarter campaign will run until July 18th, closing at 6:00 pm PST. You can find the campaign here or you can visit their website for more information

Andy: I love how happy they all look with in the card throwing photo, if I were in there I’m sure I’d be a lot more annoyed because you know what? Someone’s going to have to pick them all up and it’ll probably end up being me.

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