Asphalt Academy Apparel, teaching from the streets to be worn

by Andy on July 2, 2014

Asphalt Academy Apparel, 101% handmade in Italy, is a newborn brand with a vision: to translate the stirrings, the suggestions, the nightmare, the dreams and, definitely, the teachings of the street-life on clothing and accessories of superior workmanship.

The name of this brand is rather clear about this purpose, infact it can be read as: “the asphalt is the skin of every road, the street is something like an academy, this is the apparel for who attends this kind of school”.

“…Street sounds swirling through my mind…lessons learned still help me today…you know, my heart & soul will carry on…” [Chicago, 1979, “Street player”]

The DNA of AAA confirms this nature: the art-director is a rapper, well known and respected in Italian hip-hop scene: his nome de guerre is Paura (i.e. Fear), but the “superior wormanship” is guranteed by his partner-in-crime, Fabio Festa, who comes form a lifetime experience working with fashion giants, such as Versace, Galliano, Just Cavalliand Extè “Acht”.

The aesthetics of the tees tailored by AAA respect the visions of the asphalt as an universal symbol and of the streets as place where you can/must learn to live: tire tracks, the geometry of the metropolis, reflections and shades: everywhere around the world the asphalt is similar, but each street has its own dark cloak, with its own stories, legends, lessons, icons, scars and tattoos.

“…Every chance,…every chance that I take, I take it on the road…those kilometres and the red lights…I was always looking left and right…” [David Bowie, 1977, album: “Low”]

As Paura said in an interview for a magazine, this vision, for anger or passion, is the apparel of those who live the asphalt academy.

Therefore, the path chosen by AAA is to create a crossroad between the toughness of the street-life and the seduction of the well-made fashion, utilizing fine Egyptian cotton, modern cuts and shimmed prints to realize precious maps to be worn on the stages called roads.

Andy: Very impressive submission, they did all the formatting themselves! Cool tees too!

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