by Andy on July 4, 2014

Rufio Hutch is a new menswear label conceived by designer Luke O’Connell. Rufio Hutch is a multifaceted clothing label with music & art intertwined with high-end, ethically produced apparel; starting with t-shirts.

The debut t-shirt collection is made up of nine original designs, all in our signature monochrome palette. With a real focus on simplicity and detail, each t-shirt features a bold graphic visual with instant impact. Screen printed cotton labels on the neck and hem, featuring the ‘RH Drop’ logo, and an additional label inside featuring the Nice Touch Records (coming later in the year) emblem, back up the brand’s attention to detail.

Each piece from the collection arrives in bespoke packaging, reinforcing the labels dedication to quality and design. We wanted the packaging to say that this is something unique and special with extra care and thought put into the whole process.

Andy: Pretty cool, thanks for the submission!

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