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August 2014

Threadless is throwing a Labor Day bash and celebrating with $12 t-shirts and hoodies starting at $24.95. The sale begins 10 a.m. CT Friday, August 29th and ends 5 p.m. CT Tuesday, September 9th. Sale excludes wall art, iPhone cases, and already marked down stock.

No need for a coupon code, just gorge yourself on tees.


15% off at Design By Humans this weekend

by Andy on August 30, 2014

So I guess 15% off is the popular choice this weekend?

Design By Humans


It’s pretty rare that you’ll see a sitewide coupon code at Johnny Cupcakes, so you might as well take advantage while you can. Code WEAREGROOT gets you the discount.


15% off at RedBubble this weekend

by Andy on August 30, 2014

Use the coupon code GET15 to err, get 15% off at Redubble this weekend. I think that this will expire on Wednesday, so it’s a pretty long definition of a weekend.


Show your sense of humor towards the infamous Russian authoritarian. After a reportedly corrupt rise to power, Putin has been described as a “Philandered and a wife-beater”. The “For Fair Elections” protests in Russia ended in arrests as Putin’s policemen continue to maintain a strangle-hold on the public identity. He even plans to extend his own presidency an extra 6 years.
His signing into law anti-gay measures meant to arrest gay people or even anyone who shows support for gay people, is the one thing I detest about him the most, especially as a gay person myself. It shows he has little respect for LGBT members or equal rights. Recently he declared in an op-ed piece he wrote to the American people:
“We are all different, but when we ask for the Lord’s blessings, we must not forget that God created us equal.”
It would seem to me that Putin should heed his own words when it comes to gay people; they are also different. The word “hypocrisy” comes to mind to me while reading his op-ed.


Outrageous? We think so! Take a stand; tweet your new purchase to Mr. POUTINE, and lets remind him that DEMOCRACY rules!
T-Shirt is only 14.99. Available ONLY at –trusted by fans!

Andy: Careful he doesn’t try to annex your office, guys.


Your favorite beard on a t-shirt

by Andy on August 30, 2014

History has produced some awesome characters – and each and every one of those characters had their own unique way with their hair. Some chose to shave it off and shine like an egg, others chose to grow it out to create an imposing aura. Others still probably were too lazy to do anything about it and just let it be.

Whichever way they chose, the beards and hairstyles of those historic characters are iconic. Some are very common, like that of Abraham Lincoln – whilst others are fairly unknown, like Wilhelm Roentgen. Every beard has a story, and at Ruggedly Beardsome, we tell those stories through what we found the most intriguing part of their character: the beard. That’s why our shirts only have a silhouette of the beard and hair – nothing else.

Celebrate historically epic beards!

Andy: I think that we might be reaching ‘peak beard’.


New Movie Tees from Dead Reel

by Andy on August 29, 2014

Our new shirts are now available to pre order on our site! First up we have our tribute tee to one of our favourite cult classics, ‘Big Trouble in Little China’! This 3 colour screen printed design also draws inspiration from the famous ‘Queen 2′ Album cover, which we thought suited and mirrored the iconic bad guys 3 storms & Lo Pan, in the perfect way!

Our second new offering is this 1 colour screen printed design that takes inspiration from the 1991 Thriller ‘The Silence of the Lambs’. The artwork centres on a newspaper headline depicting that the ruthless ‘Buffalo Bill’ has taken his latest victim! Added to this are two of the films iconic death’s head moths perched on the text, giving this tee a subtle hint to the plot of the movie.

Pre-order either new shirt now at, shirts are expected to ship within 2 weeks.

Andy: I know Silence of The Lambs is a really popular film, but it’s still not something you often see on a tee, good to see these guys going for some more niche titles than other movie shirt sites.


In a time when dragons rode the sky and children spoke to trees, septons left graphic testimonies for us to hear the song of ice and fire…

Available for $25 at Threadless.

Andy: That’d nice whether you like Game of Thrones or not, which is always refreshing in a pop culture design.


Hand Carved Woodblock T-Shirts

by Andy on August 29, 2014

My name is Evan Cohen and I am an illustrator and printmaker living in Beacon NY. I co-run a printmaking studio out of my garage where we print unique hand carved woodblock and linoleum prints onto t-shirts, patches, tote bags, and more. Each design is printed with oil based ink using a Takach etching press, creating a nice embossment and long lasting design wash after wash. My print designs revolve around plantlife and growth/decay, making floral and entangled patterns that really pop when printed. Outside of printmaking I also write comics and work as a freelance illustrator, you can follow my work at

Thanks for the support!

Andy: Very nice indeed, thanks for the submission.


New Japanese Tiger designer T-shirt from DBH Collective Artist Cyncor5020’s MODest Attire Brand, This cool abstract design features words and phases in traditional Japanese calligraphy.

Andy: Thanks for the submission.


SweetB – Original Alternative T-shirts

by Andy on August 28, 2014

Sweetb is an italian independent brand.
All original Sweetb t-shirts are conceived, created in Italy, using 100% anti-allergic cotton. It´s hand sew label is sign of authenticity.

-5 € OFF with Coupon Code: SWEETSUMMER

on or


Andy: Thanks for the submission!


$14 sale on at TeePublic

by Andy on August 22, 2014

I’m not sure when the sale at TeePublic ends, but if you like something from their selection of 25,000 designs you might as well buy it… now!


Hello world, we are Parole

by Andy on August 22, 2014

After 12 months of sourcing the softest brushed cotton garments and plenty of beer drinking we’re finally up and running. We’re going to be mostly tattoo inspired, hence the very tattooed models featured in our store, oh and we also like skulls, everyone likes skulls! There are a small number of designs in there but we have lots more to come, plus hoodies, polos, bags etc.

We’re currently offering 20% off all t-shirts, enter “TWENTYOFF‘ at checkout.

Thank you for your time… your site is an inspiration!

Dean Rennard.


New brand Creepz…

by Andy on August 22, 2014

Creepz is an urban streetwear brand emerging from the creation of striking characters springing to life on Tees, SnapBack Caps, Wooden Sunglasses, Sweaters, Beanies and Wooden Necklaces. The Creepz product lines are distinctive in design and are produced with a high quality.
If you want to know more about Creepz Just ask.


Andy: Pretty cool!


The Kiddie Confessional motto is, “Nostalgia is the flyest accessory!” After traveling the world styling some of the biggest names in pop culture such as Swizz Beatz, LeBron James, Ludacris and Dr. Dre, fashion stylist Mike B decided to have a little fun with his own line of fun T-shirts dedicated to a simpler time. Each tee features an influential character from the 70s, 80s and 90s that perhaps today is unsung but stood the test of time as some of the greatest crushes or style icons in history. Television “it” girls like Kelly Kapowski, Denise Huxtable and Whitley Gilbert are a few notables that spark great discussions about every teen-aged boy’s dream. Kiddie Confessionals also tapped into the teen-aged girl’s bad boy fantasy with tees dedicated to fellow bostonians Marky Mark and Bobby Brown. The tees can be found online at or if you’re visiting New York take a trip uptown where Kiddie Confessional merchandise can be found at the famed Harlem Haberdashery boutique.

Andy: Pretty interesting idea!


Notchilous tees

by Andy on August 22, 2014

What is a NOTCHILOUS you ask?

Notchilous is not just a word from the 70’s, it is a distinguished title given to a select few. To obtain this honour the individual has to be recognized and highly respected by his or her peers.

Join the TOP NOTCH movement that challenges the status quo and breaks all the rules. NOTCHILOUS is a revolution in thinking, attitude and way of life. NOTCHILOUS is the rebirth of being bold.

Are you wimpy or are you ready to become a NOTCHIST?

Andy: Not really my kind of thing but thanks for a well put together submission!


confusion in the marketplace

by DeeHYA on August 21, 2014

Bank of America Corp. And American Express Co. Each climbed more than 2 percent after the Commerce Department report bolstered expectations that the economy is recovering. Wando’s win over Dutch Fork set up a rematch with South Florence, the team that jumped all over the Warriors’ mistakes in an 8 0 first round blowout. This day would be longer than most. Win the first game and Wando would have to return 20 minutes later to face South Florence again in a decisive District..

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8. Because They Wear Cheese on Their Heads Without a Hint of Irony Football fans, in general, can look pretty silly when they dress up. But still, there’s something to be said about Raiders fans who don Darth Vader helmets or football helmets with spikes on them.

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Keet Warrin | Gem Of The City

by Andy on August 19, 2014

My name is Dane Deaner and I design and run Keet Warrin. Keet Warrin is a new Clothing company I have been working on since the beginning of the year. I like to call it a clean cut street style. I launched with Tank Tops and T-Shirts, but there is much more to come.

Another thing I do with Keet Warrin is something I like to call Gem Of The City. Gem of the City is a blog style page that features different artists, musicians, photographers, etc. It pays respect to certain people around Los Angeles and neighboring cities that are doing remarkable things.

We launched just a week ago and I would like to share Keet Warrin with you.

Thank you for your time!

Andy: Pretty cool!



*Our PN PUTIN T SHIRT is interesting in the light of a recent BBC newscast earlier this week:

Our focus is direct ONLINE SALES via our website, marketing our brand into UK/US (East and West Coast)/JAPAN and CHINA. We are intending to wholesale through some selected retailers in the UK and Internationally.

PUBLIC NUISANCE creates iconic, classic and timeless designs and operate on the LESS IS MORE principle. We are launching with 6 designs on a unisex T shirt, using black and white high quality t shirts and our target market is Males/Females aged 18-34.

PUBLIC NUISANCE is a hybrid between A Streetwear T shirt and Art. All T shirts designs come in a limited print run too.

PUBLIC NUISANCE draws on street culture, music, politics, classic iconic 20th/21st century imagery and art as its main influencers for our messages and designs.


Andy: Ahhhh, nothing bad ever happened making fun of Putin. Oh, and I know it says August in one of the photos but if you go to their site it does say September.


I’ve always said that the HYA shop wasn’t about making money, it was about getting people wearing the logo because they liked the site. I’m definitely putting my money where my mouth is this weekend because I’m offering the blue version of the logo shirt for just £6, and that includes postage in the UK. Frankly, that’s a ridiculous price, way lower than cost price, but as I say I just want people wearing these instead of them sitting in a box in the Rigu stock room. Take advantage of me this weekend!


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