Your favorite beard on a t-shirt

by Andy on August 30, 2014

History has produced some awesome characters – and each and every one of those characters had their own unique way with their hair. Some chose to shave it off and shine like an egg, others chose to grow it out to create an imposing aura. Others still probably were too lazy to do anything about it and just let it be.

Whichever way they chose, the beards and hairstyles of those historic characters are iconic. Some are very common, like that of Abraham Lincoln – whilst others are fairly unknown, like Wilhelm Roentgen. Every beard has a story, and at Ruggedly Beardsome, we tell those stories through what we found the most intriguing part of their character: the beard. That’s why our shirts only have a silhouette of the beard and hair – nothing else.

Celebrate historically epic beards!

Andy: I think that we might be reaching ‘peak beard’.

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