Captions Apparel – The Humorous Face of Fashion

by Andy on September 4, 2014

Captions Apparel began as a conceptual idea back in August 2013. At the time we had noticed that even though the market was flush with new clothing brands, the designs seemed quite similar – either text with a logo, text with n image or an image/text with nothing else. Our aim was to create images, with text that related directly to the image.

British born and bred ourselves, we wanted to try and keep our brand as UK based as possible. While recognising the money that could be saved by manufacturing overseas, we were also aware that British businesses were more than capable of matching the cost and quality available in cheaper regions of the world.

Captions Apparel works as a team –our commitment to inclusivity mean that critical analysis plays a big part in what we are all about. We always look for feedback from our followers and where possible, will look to take views on board as we move forward.

Andy: Thanks for the submission.

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