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by Umang on September 22, 2014


A former classmate of mine, John Freeborn recently launched a Kickstarter project for a t-shirt club called AEditions. John has always had a knack for developing unique t-shirts, some of which I bought from him in college and still have in my collection. John has gathered a consortium of artists to assist in making this Kickstarter project different from your average t-shirt club.

Here is an excerpt from their campaign:

When I was young and discovered skateboarding I started to really  look at logos and graphics in a different way. I didn’t know it at the  time, but since then I’ve spent a lot of time designing graphics. In  college, I started a skateboard company and helped friends with a  clothing brand. I did some of the designs myself but many came from the  minds and hands of my friends. I had my favorite tees from big name  companies, but to be honest the shirts that I loved the most were  designed by my friends and I.

I want to rekindle that love with this Kickstarter projectÆ is a t-shirt club where every shirt is designed by an  awesome artist or designer and is only available to club members in  limited numbers. I’ve got a great roster of artists signed on to do the  designs. For the first year I’ve already confirmed Rich Jacobs, Hershel  Baltrotsky, Jim Houser, Ben Horton, Andrew Jeffrey Wright and Dallas  Clayton.

Check out the artists that he has lined up at Æ and hopefully you like what you see.




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