Public Nuisance Launches Tshirts to a Whole New Level!

by Andy on September 24, 2014

Public Nuisance are making waves! Influenced by music, art, politics and street culture Public Nuisance have an honest ethos at heart; their tagline is, ‘WEAR YOUR THOUGHTS ON YOUR CHEST’ and that’s exactly what they’re doing.

Their signature T, with a picture of the Russian President, labels Putin as a Public Nuisance. With current media attention on Ukraine, it’s sure to make people sit up and think. Another design, based on World War II’s cultural icon, Rosie the Riveter aims to explore the consequence of a world without equality and pinpoints female empowerment as a truly inspirational quality. Their designs are fun loving but with a hard hitting undertone; Shot in da USA and Dead Famous are testament to this.

We caught up with Public Nuisance and asked them what motivates them. Their answer was a joy to behold, ‘We produce premier screen printed T shirts because we’re not happy with what is on offer in the market place, the normal is not good enough. We’re passionate about quality of garment and print and we want people to not be afraid to wear their thoughts on their chest. Hopefully our designs will make people think, laugh, ponder and feel proud!’

Public Nuisance’s use strong visual imagery in their designs to highlight an issue, a Public Nuisance, a Love, an experience or just a dream. Go and visit, to see their full range of limited edition T-shirts. We don’t think this will be the last you hear about them!

Andy: Wow, that almost reads like a proper article, so you know I couldn’t have written it!

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