The Hoodie That Turns Into A Pillow

by Andy on December 3, 2014

Now on Kickstarter is a hoodie that turns into a pillow.

“A couple of years ago I was in a product design class with a good friend of mine,” Fran began. “I turned to him and said, ‘What could I possibly make that everybody would love?’ He said that he loves hoodies. I said that I love pillows.” I couldn’t believe it was so simple.

A few months later, we teamed up together to make this idea become a reality. We pulled out our sewing machines and began creating prototypes from existing hoodies. We experimented with several different designs, and after months of fine-tuning, we finally arrived at a design that we liked best and achieved the perfect hoodie-to-pillow ratio. At that point, we began working with local tailors to produce more professional-looking versions of our hoodies. The progress we’ve made over the past year has been incredible, and we’re now ready to begin our first production run. We are working with American manufacturers, and need your support to help share our hoodies with the world.

You can find the project on Kickstarter at:

Andy: Neat idea, I like it!

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