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January 2015


by Andy on January 30, 2015

Hi all,

We are a streetwear brand from Brighton, England. Here are a few items from our store! feel free to check us out. Inspired by street culture and skate scene.

Check it here:

Feel free to use the code ‘BLINDEYE’ for a 20% discount off your order. Thanks dudes!

Andy: There’s nothing wrong here, I like that they’ve got a clear idea of what they want to do, and they’re charging very reasonable prices for their items. However, as an outsider there’s not a huge amount to draw me into the designs, they’re clearly based around being part of their community, and I’m not so there’s not as much to make me want to buy something. That’s not a bad thing, if people want your stuff then more power to them, grow that community and you’ll never have to worry about “passing trade” like I get running Rigu (where the vast majority of sales come from Google searches).


Bittor Beraza designs in DBH

by Andy on January 30, 2015

I’m Bittor Beraza an illustrator and graphic designer based in Bilbao.
Now I’m here to illustrate your outfit with mind-blowing designs.
From lettering to illustrations.
Take a look to my store, I’m sure there is something you’d like to wear.

It’s my first time selling my artworks on clothes so I’d like to read your opinion Andy ;)

Andy: One of these designs sticks out more than the others, and not in a good way. If you’re producing a design with the intent of people buying it you have to ask yourself why someone would buy it or be attracted to the design, and i just can’t think of any reasons why a person would want to walk around with a large print of a toilet with teeth on it. Anyone?


Screen printing uchi sunset T shirt

by Andy on January 30, 2015

Hi again

We put together a short video and blog for the new “uchi sunset” Tee just printed and wanted to share it with everyone. It was quite a tricky print to get right as explained in the blog:

Haven’t come across many videos on your blog so hopefully this is cool to include?

many thanks

Andy: I like it! Thanks for the submission.


uchi’s Golden Section T shirt

by Andy on January 29, 2015

Hi guys, just wanted to share with you news about one of tour new tracks just finished and the inspiration behind it.

“The Fibonacci sequence and the work of Dutch painter Piet Mondrian are the inspiration behind the newest uchi joint entitled Golden Section.
Available in men’s cotton T shirts and women’s bamboo T shirts. ”

You can read the full blog here:

many thanks

Andy: Thanks for the submission!


New designs from Breakincase Tees. A novelty T-shirt company that puts real items in all of its designs. Featured here are the “Choking Hazard” Tee, which features a genuine XL condom and the “DRUGS” movie poster Tee which has a pouch with a baggie of “herb” and assorted pills.

All shirts are 100% washable and contain completely legal items.

Andy: I am surprised that these guys came to HYA and thought that their tees would be a good fit for the site. Also, I would be surprised if anyone wearing that ‘choking hazard’ ever needed to use the condom because of wearing the shirt. Then again, if you find a woman that is so enamoured with you because of the shirt they she will sleep with you, definitely use that condom, maybe use two.


Are You Ready For Urban Kawaii!

by Andy on January 29, 2015

Trying to look like yourself is tough when everyone is trying to look the same. We love rare fresh fashion that values and highlights your individuality, it’s all about fun and games at Kawaii London. Everything is designed and hand-printed by Galina Gorlova with the softest materials and the brightest kawaii and urban fashion. Our inspiration comes from every day and our main goal is to make the everyday much more exciting.

Andy: I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, these aren’t my styles but there’s not really anything wrong with them. They definitely need to be using model images rather than mockups though, there’s no real excuse these days.


StyleLyfe….Welcome to a new brand of style

by Andy on January 29, 2015

StyleLyfe.LS&Co follows a concept which is “Bringing Style to Lyfe”. The Chicago and Indiana based line depicts what every customer represents when it comes to wearing a certain style that fits a persons everyday life. We are a growing brand and we believe that we will be able too attract every personality within a customers needs through StyleLyfe.LS&Co.

Right now, shop with us and receive 25% off your entire order. Less than several weeks ago, we did a free shirt giveaway contest to one lucky winner who had the opportunity to choose any free shirt or long sleeve shirt (sold at any price) in which many customers entered for a chance to win. We value our customers, so those who didn’t win got a special 60% off discount towards a future purchase just for entering the free shirt giveaway contest and for following the rules. Visit our website and stay in tuned for more special promotions. See what’s new and on sale. We provide great discounts around the holidays and other special side discounts at random. Add our website to your favorites section while shopping online. We’re all about marketing and expanding!! Please add us on Instagram @stylelyfelscoclothing and @ownerofstylelyfe. Add us on Twitter @StyleLyfeLSCo and look us up on Facebook You can shop at StyleLyfe Clothing here

Andy: How can they have jewelry that is so interesting, and yet that women’s top is just so average and uninspired? I guess you have to have some staples in a shop, but that kind of thing is going to be hard to convert new visitors into paying customers.


Paleboys is a clothing brand established in late 2014. Been Pale has never been cool, but we here to change that, you might not be a jock, a surfer or even a hipster, but we know everyone has a need to stand out in their own way. So grab the sunscreen and be different be Pale!

To celebrate 2015 Paleboys has a sale on all tees, for a limited time. So hurry and grab yours now.

Check us out at

Andy: I’m not really sure what “don’t quit your day job” has to do with a deer, but these guys do have some interesting designs.


FREE Worldwide Shipping at DesignByHumans

by Andy on January 29, 2015

Design by Humans wants to help you fill your closet with new shirts to kick off the new year. Use code FREESHIP to get free shipping on all apparel anywhere in the world.

Andy: Thanks for the submission!


New Dog Woodblock Printed T-Shirts

by Andy on January 28, 2015

Happy 2015 Everybody!

Starting off the new year with two new prints, “Year of the Dog” and “Helping Us Grow”. Both are hand carved woodblock prints on heavy cotton shirts and sweatshirts available over at Head to the shop to find more prints, shirts, and patches

Andy: Thanks for the submission!


Skull Head Sweatshirt from Fit Out Apparel

by Andy on January 27, 2015

Newly released Skull Head sweatshirt from Fit Out Apparel! For a limited of time use coupon codePHUCKIT‘ to receive $5.00 off your entire order!

Andy: Obviously, this isn’t to my personal style, but it is interesting to think about how a decade ago producing an item like this would have been practically impossible for small brands, whereas now an all-over prints is easily achievable for a lot of brands even if it does still cost a bit more than a standard print.


Pizza Rebellion – In Pizza We Crust.

by Andy on January 27, 2015

When we say “pizza”, me don’t just simply mean the noun. We understand it as a verb. It’s a state of mind, an impulse, a lifestyle, a passion. We understand it as a belief. Holy pizza: The cult of exquisite crust, satisfying fragrance, stringy and juice cheese…an unpretencious divinity that unites us all.

The true aim of our religion is to evangelize our love and manifest our feelings when sharing a tasty slice with our friends. Join the Pizza Rebellion!

Andy: Frankly I’m surprised that it’s taken just over 9 years for this to be the first pizza-based t-shirt company that has crossed my inbox.


Graphic Tide is a t-shirt design company based in the United Kingdom. We sell t-shirts all over the world, which are all made by a community of artists and designers.

Creatives submit their work to us, get entered into our voting platform, where others will be able to vote for your design on Twitter, Facebook and our website. If you achieve 30 votes, your design gets taken into our store, and you get a commission on every t-shirt sold.

Our ethos at Graphic Tide is to help promote artists and designers by selling their work on tees, and showcasing their creative talents to our audience. This is in the form of ‘Featured Artist’ blog posts about your work, showing your work to our growing email list, and also on social media.

We have many fantastic tees on Graphic Tide, from the popular ‘Lion Tee‘, ‘Dark Cookies‘ to ‘Interconnection‘ – these designs look great on t-shirts!

You can see more of our t-shirts by heading to our online store –

Or submit your designs to us at

Andy: Been a while since I’ve seen a new site like this pop up, still a very crowded market so I wish them luck attracting graphic talent to help draw in the crowds of buyers.


our vision
since 2001, symbolika is dedicated to producing highly unique, experimental visionary and psychedelic artworks inspired by shamanic experiences, infused with elements from spirituality and nature. our vision is simple – inspire and get inspired :)

the artworks
the artworks are developed using several techniques & tools – organic and digital, modern and classical, illustration and 3d. from spiritual symbolism to intricate sacred geometry, from buddhism to mauri tattoo art. all of those diverse and sometimes even conflicting worlds, combined with original symbolism, are balanced and enriched into unified and constantly evolving designs.

the printing
along the years we have developed and evolved our silk screen printing techniques – symbolika artworks take into account the “space between the lines”, preferring to use the colour of the fabrics as an integral part of the colour palette, thereby reducing the thickness of each print affording a more comfortable and more wearable fashion item.

the products
our products are unique and personal. we take great care into every detail of each product we make. we design, cut, stitch, glue & print all of the stuff we sell. we pour our hearts into each stage of the manufacturing process – this is our passion and we hope it shines through!

see you on the other side! ;)

Andy: Not the kind of thing I’d wear, but it looks well done.

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Hey Everyone,

Check out our first lookbook of 2015 featuring new outerwear options from The North Face. The lookbook takes a focus on the Venture Jacket and the Mountain Jacket; which is currently celebrating its 30th year anniversary. We explored the great outdoors and tested the predictable British weather to highlight the two key styles, which will be arriving in store soon.

The full lookbook can be seen over on our Journal here:

Andy: Very cool lookbook, thanks for the submission!


Black Panda Label

by Andy on January 22, 2015

Black Panda Label is my new and upcoming clothing line for urban wear. I wanted to incorporate something that would target the younger generation. My official website is

Andy: I know I’m being elitist when I say this, but if you sell your clothing through Cafepress (and therefore have no risks beyond the amount of time you put into it) you don’t really have a label.


New Year Motto’s from Bridge and Burn

by Andy on January 19, 2015

Start of the new year with encouragement. These tees by Bridge & Burn might give you that extra boost to work hard in the new year.

Find them at:

Andy: Simple and extremely wearable, just how I like it.


Geeks and children of the 80’s with children of their own, we made some onesies and toddler tees for your nerdy family. We just launched our brand last month with our first line of everyday baby cosplay pieces. Each garment is printed vibrantly on all sides and is baby-soft. Come check us out at Bigger kid sizes coming next month.

Andy: Very cute, I’m sure these will do well.


Your Inner Tiger Tshirt

by Andy on January 16, 2015

I have created a design of a tiger and launched a tshirt campaign.
Please check out the link below and see if you like the design.

If you liked it please try to write a review so my shirt can have more
If not then I understand, thanks for your time.

– Thanks

Andy: If you want to promote your t-shirt design, it’s usually a good idea to create a promo image that isn’t just an iPad screengrab of the product page. You put more in, you get more out.

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The “I Define Style”, fall/winter, Collection is currently available here.

Unfltrd Passion continues to provide shirts for sneaker fans and those who prefer limited release designs. Available exclusively at Unfltrd Passion while supplies last.

If you’re a control freaks who prefers to truly match your kicks or wardrobe or have infuse your personal touch and style we now offer a fully customizing option right on our site here.

Unfltrd Passion Instagram | Twitter
| Facebook

Andy: Not to my particular taste but there’s nothing wrong here as far as I can tell.


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