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February 2015

Usually when you see a deal like this offering a free tee when you buy something there is a catch, and that catch is that they’re trying to offload a bunch of tees that are bad sellers. Not the case here at all though, because you get to choose the tee you get for free. Just add a hoodie and tee to your shopping basket and enter the coupon code Baphomet to get your free t-shirt from Hate No Hate Apparel.

The offer lasts for a week and they told me about it yesterday, so let’s play it safe and say that you’ve got until midnight Wednesday to hop on board the deal train.


All T-shirts on Sale only $9.99!

by Andy on February 26, 2015

Guerrilla Tees is having a HUGE winter sale. Great t-shirts now only $9.99

Andy: Thanks for the submission!


Ty Williams is one of the top young artists out there with a diverse repertoire of art skills ranging from mixed media, collages, and silkscreening to photographs, illustrations and painting. As a surfer growing up in the Northeast (Maine and now spending time in New York, LA, & Florida), the aquatic influence is definitely a strong theme in his work.

Vibes Brand is the outpost for his newest collection of illustrations, all being featured solely on t-shirts.

Andy: Describing yourself as “one of the top young artists out there” is quite cringey, no need to hype yourself just let the designs do the talking. I like that ‘chill’ shirt, the sketchpad qualities of it work really nicely with that kind of beach/surf lifestyle. I don’t really like the skate rats design but that’s just a personal choice, and I do like the other items that are in the shop so be sure to click through.


EFY Clothing was born out of a healthy mix of fascination and frustration. Fascination with the beauty and diversity of the planet we live on and frustration with the fact that this beauty and diversity were not being reflected by most casualwear brands out there.

The way we see it the bright, lively and beautifully unique people that we all are deserve clothing that are just that.

Don’t wear boring, you deserve better

We ship worldwide free of charge

10% off using promo code EFYHYA1

Andy: You wouldn’t catch me wearing them, but then again I am 30 and the last time I went to a rave was…. 6 months ago (but that was a blip in a relatively quiet social life) so clearly I am not their target demographic, but I know there are lots of people that will wear something like this and they’re certainly presenting it pretty well.


Nicky Rockets is a t-shirt designer from the UK who specialises in designs dedicated to those super curvy women who rock his world.

Most of our designs focus around the intergalactic fearless explorer Curverella and her Killer Curves, but for Spring 2015 we are bringing our awesome pets into the fold, with the donut wearing ‘Plumpy Paws’ and the Ziggy Stardust obsessed Pug ‘Mister Truffles’.

The brand already has a cult following with sassy plus size chicks, selling regularly around the globe and featuring in numerous magazines and blogs.

Our styles include round neck, slash neck and lady fit and sizes run from small to 5XL.

Andy: Well designed, well photographed and with a clear vision, there’s an awful lot here to like. I do question the need for a splash page on the website (‘click to enter’) since it doesn’t really add anything to the experience and puts a click between you and the the shop which isn’t a good idea in the ecommerce world, but that’s a minor quibble and largely an issue of choice for them.


New Spring Tees from Bridge & Burn

by Andy on February 24, 2015

Portland, Oregon apparel company Bridge & Burn has released a new line of spring graphic tees. Inspired by the relaxed lifestyle of the Pacific Northwest. Made in the USA of super soft 60% cotton and 40% poly.

Currently available at their flagship stor in downtown Portland at 1122 SW Morrison St. and

Andy: I really like that Life shirt, actually I like just abut everything in their store.

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10% Off All T-Shirts at Ackawooo Apparel

by Andy on February 24, 2015

The printed t-shirt is a fantastic medium for people to express what they like, who they are and what they identify with. We aim for all of our Ackawooo Apparel Signature T-Shirts to leave you feeling original, unique and fresh. And whats more get 10% off of all our products using discount code: M7UYNNUMC2WL

We are focused on bringing you a large selection of high quality printed t-shirts with unique designs at discount pricing while still providing you with helpful and caring customer care. Ackawooo Apparel is an online t-shirts shop for today’s modern shoppers who enjoy buying for their homes, family and friends, with the ease and convenience of shopping online.

Andy: There’s a lot to like here, good selection for a brand just starting out. I know a lot of people like to go for a clean look but the site feels a little sparse to me which doesn’t seem like the kind of impression that they’re trying to create with the designs or the general feeling I’m getting from them. As usual I would also like to see people wearing the shirts. It does look like they’re only a couple of days old though so I’m probably expecting a little much of them so soon.


Sandwich City Series II – Chicago and Boston

by Andy on February 24, 2015

I’m excited for another Deli Fresh Threads Sandwich City Series release. I am featuring two of my favorite cities- Chicago and Boston

Chicago and Boston both have great sports tradition as well as great food. Like my 1st series release each major city has its own sandwich.

Chicago is known for the Italian Beef. A slow-roasted piece of beef that is then slow-simmered in a spicy broth for flavor. The reason for this was because the beef would be a cheap cut of meat and it would make the meat tender. Both the roasting and the broth used Italian-style spices and herbs. The meat was then thinly sliced across the grain and stuffed into fresh Italian bread.
If you want a “Hot Italian Beef” your sandwich will be topped with giardiniera. When ordering a “Sweet Italian Beef” your sandwich will be topped with sautéed green Italian sweet peppers.
Like Da Beef? Buy an Italian Beef?

Boston has the Fluffernutter, which is a Peanut Butter and Marshmallow fluff sandwich. Some Massachusetts natives call it the official state sandwich and others just call it delicious. Did you know it use to be called the Liberty Sandwich? Hungry for a Fluffah Nuttah?

Both sandwiches have been added to the Deli Fresh Threads Menu.

Andy: Put some nutella in that Fluffernutter and I’m onboard.


New Livin’ Life! Women’s V-Necks

by Andy on February 24, 2015

Three of our favorite designs are now available as flattering v-necks. They are made from a super soft 60/40 combed cotton/poly blend.

Andy: Thanks for the submission!


Pink Nightmare Squad – New Shirt Releases

by Andy on February 20, 2015

Starr Mignon is the badass woman behind Pink Nightmare Squad and the Nightmare Lapin is the symbol of badass women everywhere.

Thats the plan anyway…

So without any further hype, here is the first wave of propagandic imagery on ladies fitted Ts.

Pink Nightmare Squad – Empowering Young Women with Bad Attitudes

Andy: I’d really like to see the real thing and not mockups in the shop, gives a much better impression of what the customer is going to get and makes them more confident about a purchase too. As ever I’m not too sue about putting the whole URL on the design but I know that new brands need to get their name out there somehow.



by Andy on February 20, 2015

We are excited to release our brand new Supply Co. tee. This new design is the second premium edition t-shirt for our new Jesse Black Smithy Goods Collection. Printed with our signature motto on a soft athletic heather gray t-shirt screen printed in soft black water based ink. My goal was to design/create a real world industrial style tee by giving an uneven structure to each letter in the design. The lower hem of shirt will come with a hand sewn workshop approved tag. Lastly each shirt will come package in a 10 x 14 inch burlap drawstring bag. For a limited time receive 10% off your purchase using discount code: SUPPLYCO10 @ check out.

Andy: Thanks for the submission!


The Newest Babes & Gents look-book has been released for Valentine’s Day.

It features some of the upcoming new pieces by the brand from the upcoming Black Label Line and the newly released Love Birds Red Jersey.
Check out the look-book + Mixtape here:

Andy: Thanks for the submission!


Anything Goes Release Limited Edition Tee

by Andy on February 19, 2015

Anything Goes Apparel celebrate three years of business later this month with the release of a limited edition tee. This design is a re-imagining of their debut ‘Daddy’s Girl’ tee which they released in February 2012.

The tee will be available to pre-order from 6pm on Friday the 20th of February and the tee is limited to just 30!

Andy: That seems like an a lot of stuff to get for free with a £10 pre-order!


Taggler Shirt Fabric Infographic

by Andy on February 19, 2015

Hi, We’re Taggler, an online marketplace for ordering custom apparel. A lot of our customers (including DIY clothing lines) don’t know about the different kinds of fabrics used for shirts, and how they impact the pricing, feel, and screen printing quality of the apparel. They often ask us for advice on which fabric to choose.

To help them we created an quick infographic about the different kinds of shirt fabrics so that they could pick which one works best for them. We figured that HYA readers would find the infographic useful, and wanted to share.

Andy: As ever, I find myself with expensive tastes.


Villain X Shirts

by Andy on February 19, 2015

Villain X Shirts is a exciting line of t-shirts for guys and girls based on villains from every area of pop culture. Our shirt designs are devoted to the Villains of every aspect HORROR, SCI-FI, COMICS, VIDEO GAMES, TV, etc


mens S-XL – $20 – 2XL-5XL – $23
womens S-XL – $20

Andy: I’m not a lawyer, but I don’t know how long they’ll be able to get away with this. As far as I can tell all the designs in the images supplied and on their site are just hand-drawn versions of images that aren’t in the public domain, just still released from films or promo images. In some cases the images don’t look hand-drawn at all, they may have just had a filter or action applied to them in Photoshop. They look like the kind of thing that I am fairly sure you could mistake for being merchandise, and so unless they know something I don’t I worry they’re skating on thin ice.


I am a big fan of hide your arms and I use it to find shirts with great designs on it. Recently, I came across this site and thought I let the visitors here know about. I own almost every shirt from them now.

Andy: Why do I have the sneaking suspicion that the person who submitted this is actually involved with the brand and not just a random fan? I’m sure that it will come as no surprise that I am not a fan of these shirts, there is a lot wrong here and I hope that they didn’t pour too much money into this because I doubt they will be getting it back with sales except from friends and family.

In the pictures where it says “Art On Shirts” I presumed that was a placeholder so that people would know that was the artwork that would be printed on the shirt and it’s placement, but looking a big further I think that is actually printed on the shirts. I have no idea what they think that adds to the shirt since “Art On Shirts” doesn’t appear to be anything to do with their brand name, the font used is usually really unsuitable for the design and provides a distraction to the design.

Speaking of fonts, the way they are used makes it look like the designs were done in Microsoft Word. Maybe there is potential in some of the design concepts but the way they are presented will not allow them to be popular with a wide variety of people since they look amateurish at best. The mix of clip art and other artwork (some of which looks quite professional but is let down by poor shirt placement and odd font pairings) also give the appearance of a lack of direction and a cohesive look to the store, which is important for a new brand to have since people need to get an overall feel from the homepage of a site but this just looks messy.

I don’t enjoy telling people that I don’t like the thing they have put time and effort into, and probably a lot of money, but unless this is about to be some crazy ironic hipster trend then I don’t see much of a future here in it’s current form.


Tyrant-o-saurus t-shirt from Robber Barons Ink

by Andy on February 19, 2015

Robber Barons Ink wanted to share another one of our original t-shirt designs with our friends at Hide Your Arms. On sale now… save 10% with promo code “hideyourarms“!

Andy: Haha, nice one, thanks for the submission and the coupon code.


New tee addition to our MODest Attire DesignByHumans Collection. This unique chalk typography design “The Path” is available as both ladies and gents tees exclusively from our dbhtees store.

Andy: Thanks for the submission.


I Love Willemstad (Curacao) t-shirt by Curpee*

by Andy on February 17, 2015

Hello fellow Tee lovers, check out my “I Love Willemstad” Tee …..
Shipping World Wide..!!

Curpee* a startup T-Brand from the Dutch Antilles

Andy: There’s a problem with this design; I have no idea why I can’t see the whole of the word Willemstad, and there’s no explanation on the website, which leads me to believe it might just be a design choice but I feel like it’s an odd one. I’d also say that this kind of shirt isn’t the kind of thing that will do very well online since it’s such a local thing that doesn’t have a lot of exposure globally. Definitely a tough sell!


As a sandwich fan I like to do research on sandwiches. I liked learning that during World War I, Emma Curtis published a recipe booklet for her Snowflake Marshmallow Creme which consisted of peanut butter and Marshmallow Creme on oat or barley bread calling it the Liberty Sandwich. The Liberty Sandwich may have been the beginning of the Fluffernutter sandwich.

I was also able to work with one of my favorite artists who is from Boston- Regan Smith Clarke to work on this Massachusetts Sandwich.

The shirt is available in SeaFoam or Grey

Andy: Very nicely put together design, and I like it even if we don’t have fluffernutters over here in the UK.


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