26Collection Limited Release Hoody – PROMO CODE for release day!

by Andy on February 10, 2015

Hello all,

We have this hoody releasing on Feb. 16th in a finite quantity, there will be 10 pieces made per size, and won’t be reproduced. Printed on 10 oz. 100% baby butt soft cotton. The name of this piece is ‘Bullshit Baffles the Brains’. It features a juxtaposition of traditional and modern design with sacred geometry, black letter with braille with many tiny details throughout. It represents the distraction of modern day society and media with all the “bullshit” baffling our brains. We want this to be a reminder for all to filter what we consume mentally. We are constantly being sold to as consumers and are constantly selling as commodities ourselves.

All of our clothing has a meaning behind the designs and you can check out what each one stands for on the product pages.
You can read more about our company/mindset here: http://www.twentysixcollection.com/pages/story.html

We wanted to offer a 20% + FREE SHIPPING Promo Code for the HideYourArms readers. Insert “HYATWENTY” at the checkout and enjoy.

Our website is www.26collection.com
Instagram: http://instagram.com/26collection/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/twentysixco

We are open to any criticisms, thank you for looking!

Andy: Looks cool, thanks for the submission!

  • Adrian

    Nice designs. I’m always looking for new t shirt designs to be unique and to express something I am or I’m feeling.

    I recently started to check up the teechip campagins, and found this unique t shirt that would match those who seek adventure, who loves exploring etc.

    Here is the link if anyone is interested: https://teechip.com/borntoexplorehoodie#id=4&c=BDBCC4

    P.S. I already bought 3 of them (different colours) :)

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