Ignorant/Reflections Wants You to Join the Conversation!

by Andy on March 12, 2015

Hey Andy, hope all is well. My name’s Donovan and I’ve been a big fan of the site for a long time now–I mean I check it daily, ha.

I’m the owner of a brand called Ignorant/Reflections based in Portland, OR.

The brand is centered around my struggles to affirm culture and identity in America’s Whitest and most gentrified city as I traveled between urban life and the ‘burbs.

The brand’s motto ‘Provocative Critical Thinking.’ Using bold graphics rooted in my experience, these garments provoke thought and conversation.

The two offerings I have here embody that motto. The ‘Ignorant’ beanie and the ‘I Survived Portland Police’ t-shirt.

On the ‘Ignorant’ beanie: The word “ignorant” simply means “to not know.” No one knows everything. Start a conversation with one of these classic ‘Ignorant’ beanies

On the ‘I Survived Portland Police’ t-shirt: The city isn’t always “Portlandia” for many of us when the police show up. Make a statement against police violence in the Rose City and beyond with this t-shirt sure to create conversations wherever you go!

Use the promo code ProvocativeHYA when checking out from the Ignorant/Reflections website and get 10 percent off your order

Stay tuned to the brand as I/R gears to release it’s debut collection of t-shirts this year with it’s ‘Reverse Gentrification’ collection by liking the brand on facebook.com/IgnorantReflections and following the on Instagram @ignorantreflections

Andy: I live in a rural county in England that is about 99% white, there’s no way I’m going to touch the issues raised in this post!

  • GraphtedDesigns

    Bold and unafraid. Fashion: An interesting way to try to open a broader gateway of conversation on the issue….I hope you are successful!

  • Donovan–Founder of I/R

    Thanks for the post Andy!

  • Donovan

    Much appreciation!

  • http://www.consulthardesty.com Consult Hardesty

    Takes great humility to acknowledge I’m ignorant of important things. Takes a fair amount of courage to wear this shirt into community meetings.

  • Geoff

    This hat is really cool! I’m just afraid that if I wear it in public, people will think I’m *actually* ignortant, lol.

  • Donovan, Founder of I/R

    Haha, that’s the point Geoff. We all have something to learn, and it doesn’t matter WHAT you where people are gonna have a perception of you. Glad you like the hat though, and if still inclined you can purchase one at http://www.ignorantreflections.com

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