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April 2015

Loading Raw Images from The Editions

by Andy on April 29, 2015

Editions SP15 is a mini collection focused around discovering new states of mind.

See and pre-order the collection in full detail.

Andy: What an unusual idea for displaying a lookbook, I like it!


New M A D E Tee – By The Good Union

by Andy on April 27, 2015

We are excited to release our brand new M A D E custom hand letterpress tee. Made is the core idea of our brand & product craftsmanship. The M A D E custom hand-letterpress tee is a simple endorsement of well crafted products made in the USA. Each shirt was individually hand stamped using 1940’s vintage wood type blocks. The unique part is each shirt lettering may vary in darkness of coloring & spacing. Our goal was to create a real world industrial style tee. The lower hem of shirt is hand sewn with our workshop approved tag. Lastly each shirt come package in a 10×14 inch drawstring burlap bag. For a limited time receive 10% off use discount code made10 @ checkout!

Andy: These guys never release a lemon do they?


Bridge & Burn — Portland based clothing brand has just launched their new Wind & Water T-Shirt Series. These super soft tees for men and women are sewn to custom specifications in San Francisco. Find it at

Andy: Very nicely done indeed, I’m not too hot on the surfer shirt but if you’d ever seen me on a board you’d understand why.


Hey Andy. It has been a while since you have last heard from us, but we were busily working on our totally new website!

We also were working on some new designs (LOVE OF MONEY, CAN OR CAN’T, PIGEONS LOVE NY) & products too (caps, bracelets, keychain, etc).

Please check out our new products and let me know what you think. Cheers my friend!

Here is the link to our brand new site —>

Andy: It’s really great that Anthony sent in this submission because I’d been meaning to write up a post all week but everything has been disrupted recently (power outages, telephone poles being replaced, Grandmas that need taking out to lunch) and I didn’t get around to it. I don’t think there’s another brand I’ve ever written about where I want to wear as many of their items as Random Objects, I think they just mash very well with my personal style, to the point where even I, someone with 300 tees in the closet, is tempted to put an order in. Can’t fault the new site either, puts everything you want to see front and centre and let’s the clothes do the talking.


Tostadora is an online marketplace to customize unique and original products! With over 135,000 original designs created by independent artists around the world, you have the opportunity to customize your unique T-Shirts among other products from a selection of over 22 styles of T-shirts, as well as hoodies and iPhone cases.

The 4th of May, or rather the “May the Fourth” is the Star Wars day and Tostadora is showcasing some of their best Star Wars designs at 15% off! By simply using the code STARWARSDAY you receive 15% off any T-Shirt, hoodie, iPhone case, or tote bag on

Be quick! The offer lasts only on the 4th of May.

Andy: As much as I like the designs, I have to wonder what the legal status is of them selling Star Wars images with few alterations, not that it seems to be clamped down on much these days.


New collab editorial shoot featuring the precious Love Birds and Kanye/Paris Lines by Babes & Gents and some pieces from the upcoming Black Label Season 1 Collection by ZARGARA

Check out all the pictures + Mixtape here:

Andy: These guys always have the coolest lookbook images.



by Andy on April 23, 2015

California Cut is a new brand launching in Ventura, a beautiful coastal town in Southern California. We are following a simple formula: Original designs hand-printed in-house on authentic high-quality made in USA T-shirts so that you look good and feel comfortable. Our small operation flexes some serious design muscle and having our own production facility allows us to experiment and develop great print techniques. We are influenced by streetwear fashion, surf culture, pop art, and nature.

The artist brings 18 years of commercial art experience from videogame art development, visual effects for motion pictures, television, and feature animation. The business partner is a former project manager at a Los Angeles design studio. We also happen to be married to each other.

Andy: Well designed and well priced, one of my favourite combos!


Baymax Soars Design on Threadless

by Andy on April 23, 2015

So there was this Big Hero 6 competition on Threadless and from it emerged 15 worthy challengers. We now have a week to get as many views, shares and sales to decide who will be the big (hero) winner! This is my entry to the competition which hopefully does a good job of showing how great the film was. If you agree then maybe pop on over to the site and grab yourself one. There are also loads of other really cool designs in the competition too! And they’re all available in mens, women and kids sizes!

Andy: I keep meaning to watch this movie but never get around to it. That means I don’t understand this design, but it sure does look pretty.


Paw Addict, fresh & furry.

by Andy on April 21, 2015

Paw Addict is here, all brand new for the pet lover in you. Its all about the pets here, that faithful furry friend til the end. Our trademark “5 heart paw” started it all. It all came about with our kooky animated character Vudog, which is not really an apparel brand but we do sell some goofy T-shirts. In selling our shirts at big events Like Comic Con and pet advocate shows, we found a real strong attraction to our “5 heart paw” design by our female customers.
So we decided to get to work with full focus on apparel for the pet lover. Paw Addict just launched and kicks it off with 22 female designs. We’ll be mostly female focused, but sure we’ll be doing some male and kids stuff too.

Andy: Considering how I tore into Vudog when they first submitted to HYA it’s surprising they came back for more. Looking at the Vudog site though I can see they’ve made a lot of improvements and smoothed out the rough edges that had me concerned in the first place. You can tell that Paw Addict has benefited from the experiences gained with the first venture as it is a much more complete looking brand from the outset.


Arttee Apparels – NEW RELEASES

by Andy on April 21, 2015

Our new collection is in! This time around we’re showcasing not one nor two but FIVE new designs from five new independent artists we are proud to have in our Artteest family!

First and foremost, we would like to introduce you to our featured design for this new collection – The Smoking Men by Rizal Paperbaghead. With his unique style of hand drawing and amazing details, this design of his illustrates the different types of “smoking” in the modern world. Get the T-shirt here:

“Roboster” by AlFatah. An illustration of a robot for your cute and unique style. Simple yet catchy. Get the T-shirt here:

“Tarik Upih” by Fadhil Zubir. The idea is simple – to combine two different culture, Malaysian traditional game and modern comic superheroes. Get the T-shirt here:

“The Funeral” by Naiara. A beautiful piece of art showing two animals with a cold and dark forest background from a talented designer all the way from Spain. Get the T-shirt here:

“Let’s Go Exploring” by Adi Fitri. Everybody’s favourite galaxy guardian duo drawn in style of everybody’s backyard exploring duo! A beautiful homage to everybody’s spirit of wonder and inner-child. Get the T-shirt here:

All designs are available at

Andy: I have to admit this is one of the times I wish the submission system allowed for 5 pictures to be uploaded since it’s a little silly to be promoting 5 designs but you guys only get to see 3 of them. Cool looking designs, and it’s not often that we have a Malaysian brand on the site!

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Winter Lotus SS’15 collection is live

by Andy on April 20, 2015

Hey guys, we’re a men’s streetwear brand in Los Angeles.

Fusing street fashion with high-end fashion, we focus on interesting silhouettes, quality, and honest price points.

We just released our S/S’15 collection. You can check it out at and use the code ‘SMOG‘ for 10% off

Andy: Not the kind of thing I’d wear since I’m 30 and not cool, but a couple of weeks ago I was on a night out with people who haven’t yet had their hopes and dreams crushed (aka “people under 25″) and they’d have liked this.


Solitary was born from the love of all things space. It is an attempt to contribute to humanity’s future in space by inspiring with design and helping people represent what they believe in. Solitary shirts are ethically made, printed and shipped from Los Angeles, California.

Andy: I really like the concept and style of these designs. I’m sure it will come as no surprise that I would like to see the real shirts instead of the mockups, but even I’m getting bored of having to say that several times a week, maybe other people don’t care about it as much as me.


New tees from Inka Inka

by Andy on April 19, 2015

I do like the growth of Inka Inka so far, they’re starting to put together a very respectable group of tees that all have a similar style and theme. That’s something I like to see in a new shop, it shows a bit of planning that can be surprisingly missing more often than you’d expect with new brands.


Kushington Budz III aka Da SNOB… No MiD!

by Andy on April 14, 2015

Da SNOB Clothing. is an independent brand based out of the Atlanta GA, that offers quality goods. By combining original classic design with quality hemp tees, Da SNOB Clothing strives to produce classic, timeless pieces some are released in limited quantities. Since 2005 we have been heavily involved with ATL’S underground sub culture. From years of inhaling & graffiti tagging, to cutting hair and Disc jockeying, Da SNOB Clothing Embodies a lifestyle and has been 8 years in the making. Our brand represents the 420 culture, back packers and everything in between. So if you’re down with KB3, your down with Da SNOB Clothing. Support Your independent brand.

Andy: There seems to be quite a large disconnect between the style of the shirts shown and how they describe the brand, I read the text first then looked at the tees and I was pretty surprised at what I saw. They’re also a bit lacking on making their brand the forefront of their website, the front page is mostly dedicated to the “top 10 stoner cartoon characters” which is fairly fun but doesn’t really tell me about them on the main page of the site, and then when you click on their About Us page you get auto-play music. To top it all off, none of these shirts are even available to buy because they are going to be running a Kickstarter campaign soon. I understand that brands are excited when they’re getting going but it makes no sense to submit your website to a place like Hide Your Arms when you don’t have anything for sale. Lastly, what is MiD?


Astraeus Clothing Co. – New UK Brand.

by Andy on April 14, 2015

Astraeus Clothing Co. are brand new UK based company who have just launched their first collection of 4 designs, inspired by old tattoo flash and car & motorcycle imagery.

Andy: I really like this style and I can’t see any weak points in their website so looks like a good launch to me, looking forward to seeing more from them.


Team Tumbleweeds Debut T-Shirt.

by Andy on April 14, 2015

Based in Bristol, Team Tumbleweed is a new company merging a love of fauna with an enjoyment of hand drawn illustrating.

Currently housed on Etsy and Big Cartel, TT started out making stickers but has expanded onto it’s first T-shirt.

Screen printed on 100% cotton Gildan, this bold but simple design showcases our favorite dog breeds.

Although starting small, we’re hoping to have an online store with more products in the next couple of months.

Andy: It’s not my style, but I’m sure cooler people than me could get away with it.


Designs that make a statement

by Andy on April 14, 2015

Street Bully is a streetwear and lifestyle clothing based in Los Angeles Ca. Our goal is create bold and distinct designs and illustrations, leaving a lasting mark not only in the industry but also in the street culture at large. We won’t make a huge stock because we believe we can keep new designs flowing month to month. We walk on the edge of street and normalcy. Some of our designs are regional favorites. We believe that Street Bully can be a global brand and already have taken steps to market in other countries. If our potential clients want to get noticed when they walk in to a room, they will become a Street Bully.

We have a discount code right now for everyone that’s interested in the Bully brand. “HIDEYOURARMS” in the checkout cart will give you free shipping for any items in the continental USA until 4/22/15

Andy: There’s not really anything wrong here but I do think they are taking a risk with that Lamborghini logo shirt, I’m not sure if changing the words at the top of it are enough of a change when as far as I can tell the bull is exactly the same. I’m no lawyer but I doubt that is enough of a change to be counted as fair use or changing it enough to get away with using it.


Your favourite 80’s movies

by Andy on April 9, 2015

At Buggin Clothing we love movies and graphic t-shirts. We’ve screen printed your favourite characters like Chunk from The Goonies onto quality cotton t-shirts.

Andy: I would absolutely wear all of these, even if I suspect they’re infringing copyright but will likely get away with it.



by Andy on April 9, 2015

We are a SoCal based brand printing simple graphics on quality materials. We like to make stuff that we can we in the casual SoCal atmosphere but still appeal to the rest of the world. We started as a one man shop and now utilizing friends and family to help with orders and trade shows. I hope you like our brand and our simple but creative designs. Much love from SoCal.

Andy: As ever, I’d like to see some real photos in their shop and now just mockups, but I do seem to say that at least twice a day so maybe I’m the only person out there that values knowing what something actually looks like.


Solehab just launched!

by Andy on April 9, 2015

Solehab Sets the Bar for Unique, Artistic, Elegantly Simple Apparel.

April 3, 2015 (Dubai, UAE) – Solehab announces the launch of its new signature apparel brand featuring clean, minimalist designs that celebrate the uniqueness and creativity of each individual.

Released in March 2015, the inaugural Solehab collection was created by Alistair Jameson, a French/American creative director who draws inspiration from a fascination with the complexities and simplicities found in nature and the design world. The Solehab line includes men and women’s T-shirts, featuring simple yet eye-catching iconography and typography designs.

“The market is saturated with over the top big designs, some of which are truly a piece of art, however I believe that we are all unique, and this should be reflected in the clothes we wear and what we have around us. Solehab is made for the unique creative mind. I wanted to go with the minimal approach that says less is more, and let the design speak without being loud,” Jameson says.

He adds: “I have always been an artist at heart. From drawing as a kid to sculpting wood, and later bringing this creativity into my professional career, designing both for print and digital. Just like in my profession as a Creative Director, I wanted to apply this creativity to my clothing line and bring the inspiration I give to my clients directly to the Solehab brand.”

Solehab T-shirt designs include intriguing prints such as Cassette, Tape 8, Gramophone, Gradient, Spaceship and Swirl, available in red, blue, white, yellow, and grey colours both for men and women. The clothing brand is available for purchase online at

About the designer
Alistair Jameson, a native of Belgium who has traveled, lived, and worked around the world, considers himself “a hippie at heart”, commenting, “I love nature, the complexity and yet the simplicity of it. From a snow flake to a leaf of a tree to the structure and organisation of ants and bees, for example – all fascinate me.” Solehab aims to highlight the common, the regular, and the mundane with a brand new selection of one-of-a-kind, bold yet minimal apparel.

Andy: Cool tees, reasonable prices, what’s not to like?


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