Heart and Soul Designs – Newcomer Brand on the Shirt Scene

by Andy on April 4, 2015

Heart and Soul is fairly new our designs are clean, unique and simple we are working on the women’s shirts (Heart) some old designs had to be revamped. We have a kids line featuring our character Munchie.

The artist/designer Dre was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. We’re just trying to put something cool, sleek and different out there in the world one shirt at a time.

Andy: Not to my particular taste, but there’s certainly nothing wrong with these designs. I get that they’re going for a clean look when it comes to the website, but it would be nice to feel a bit more heart and soul in the site design too.

  • Kushington Budz III

    Andy I feel you on them not being your type and you follow where their going, give them another product run then will see probably some new catz. #Respect

    Da SNOB Clothing

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