Paw Addict, fresh & furry.

by Andy on April 21, 2015

Paw Addict is here, all brand new for the pet lover in you. Its all about the pets here, that faithful furry friend til the end. Our trademark “5 heart paw” started it all. It all came about with our kooky animated character Vudog, which is not really an apparel brand but we do sell some goofy T-shirts. In selling our shirts at big events Like Comic Con and pet advocate shows, we found a real strong attraction to our “5 heart paw” design by our female customers.
So we decided to get to work with full focus on apparel for the pet lover. Paw Addict just launched and kicks it off with 22 female designs. We’ll be mostly female focused, but sure we’ll be doing some male and kids stuff too.

Andy: Considering how I tore into Vudog when they first submitted to HYA it’s surprising they came back for more. Looking at the Vudog site though I can see they’ve made a lot of improvements and smoothed out the rough edges that had me concerned in the first place. You can tell that Paw Addict has benefited from the experiences gained with the first venture as it is a much more complete looking brand from the outset.

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