A Girl’s Guide to Festival Season

by Andy on May 13, 2015

A Girl’s Guide to Festival Season

Summer is all about getting out and enjoying the beautiful weather and multitude of festivals. What you wear is just as important as what festival you are attending, so here’s our must-haves for the perfect festival look:

Summer starts with your outfit

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From the top down
Being protected and looking good under the smouldering heat of the sun is easier than it looks! Printed tank tops offer effortless style and come in a variety of looks. Consider wearing a tank with your favourite band to get it signed later or something loose for breathability.
Don’t like what’s on the racks? Customised t-shirt printing shops are all the rage right now. There are so many pre-designed shirts to choose from, or if you are feeling super artsy, you can create your own custom design.
Sandals and sneakers
Don’t choose footwear just because it looks pretty. Consider comfort and durability. Some converse sneakers or Doc Martens look great and feel great, perfect for stomping and raving the day away!

Image Credit: theprintbar.com

Get Totes organised
Keep all your day trip essentials within easy reach with your own tote bag. With lots of space, these can hold everything you need, while also being easy to scrunch up at the end of the day. Create your own design for a personal touch and a unique look.

Your festival look
A sun-kissed glow always looks great, but don’t let it turn into a lobster red! Keep a spritzer for a moisturised and fresh face and apply lots of sunscreen. For those with long hair, accessorise practically with an up do to keep hair off your face and neck. Sunglasses and a bucket hat look good and keep you safe from the sun.

Stay hydrated
It’s easy to get carried away and forget to drink water, but don’t forget to stock up and stay hydrated. Most festivals will have water fountains, but if you want an extra hydration hit, a refreshing coconut water can help you stay hydrated longer.

Image Credit: theprintbar.com

There’s no time to waste. Have the best summer of your life. Stock up on the essentials and get out to your favourite festival this summer!

Andy: It’s nice to see a printing company come to me with a story that’s actually interesting with fun graphics that isn’t just “BUY OUR STUFF WE’RE SO AWESOME”.

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