True Bohemian Style from Michael Ghimicelli

by Andy on May 13, 2015

My name is Guy-Michel and I am the founder of Michael Ghimicelli a clothing line born from a desire to use my talent to make a difference in the lives of the orphans and kids who are or just aged out of the foster care system.

It all started with a desire to design the type of apparel I wanted to wear. I remember several years ago I would head to the mall and literally try some clothes and redesign them in my mind.

“Why add that flashy buttons on such a beautiful shirt?” did I oftentimes ask myself while I was trying some of the name brand apparel or “I wish this dress shirt did not have the brand’s name written so big on the back!…”

A wise man once said: “If you want something which does not exist you have to create it” – I then started to design my own t-shirts, just the way I wanted them. To my amazement; friends and even strangers in the street will compliment my apparels. I loved the whole process from designing for fun – no pressure about pleasing someone – to the day I receive my package in the mail. It is simply a joy.

The coolest thing was that I could wear exactly the kind of t-shirt I wanted – and people love it too!

Then I started to dream: “what if I could design apparels for a living? …using my God’s given talents…and support myself to do what I care the most about in life: serving people in need. How wonderful that would be!

And so was born Michael Ghimicelli, a fashion apparel line aimed to celebrate the charm of a simplistic lifestyle in true bobo style.
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Michael Ghimicelli

Andy: Looking good, thanks for the submission!

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