Cool Shirts that Give Back from Paper Clouds Apparel

by Andy on May 20, 2015

Paper Clouds Apparel is a t-shirt company with giving at its core. We partner up with kids with special needs from all over the country (and a few outside of the U.S.) and they produce the art for our shirts. In turn we end up donating 50% of our proceeds to a charity of their choice. Each and every shirt has a special story behind it – from battling cancer to living with autism. In order to keep the charity train moving we change our art every two weeks. Not a fan of what’s up now? New art will be up soon and there will be something that you’ll like! This means a new artist gets recognition and a new charity gets more help from you. The three pics are only a small sample of past art as well as one that we are selling now (The Dino).

Our shirts are of the highest quality with tons of build your own variation. We have cuts and colors so vast that we almost never make the same shirt twice.

Andy: Very cool idea!

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