Stain resistant hydrophobic t-shirt

by Andy on May 28, 2015

Ever wanted to stay dry in a water fight? Melbourne clothing and technology label Threadsmiths has created a revolutionary T-shirt that remains waterproof no matter how hard you try to soak it.

Made from 100 per cent cotton, the plain white T-shirts called The Cavalier feature a ‘hydrophobic’ nano-technology application woven in the fabric and capable of repelling most liquids and dirt.

A patented technology, unlike other liquid-repelling applications and aerosols which can contain chemicals, the Threadsmiths website states: ‘Our shirts emulate the natural hydrophobic properties of the lotus leaf.’

Creating a natural self-cleaning effect, any residue left on the material can be removed by just wiping or rinsing off it off with water.
Lewis Pitchford of the label said the the waterproof technology did not rely on the T-shirts being coated in hydrophobic sprays available in the U.S. such as Ultra-Ever Dry

‘Most people are pretty amazed when they see it,’ he said.

While the label currently only produces T-shirts, Mr Pitchford said he welcomed suggestions about what other garments to make using the fabric in the future.
There is speculation the fabric could be revolutionary for restaurants and cafes, where spills on tablecloths and aprons are a daily occurrence and also in the medical sector and hospitals.

Andy: This is pretty amazing, I’ve genuinely never seen a t-shirt like it, I insist you head over to their site to check out the videos!

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