Fuzzballs Kawaii Shirts up for pledging on Kickstarter

by Andy on June 12, 2015

My name is Marc and i’ve just launched a super kawaii themed Kickstarter called Fuzzballs.


I’m looking for support to make a huge range of cute t-shirts, necklaces and keyrings. The Fuzzballs started life at Http://thefuzzballs.tumblr.com in cute little animations and i’ve had many requests to turn them into shirts so i launched this kickstarter today.

I’d love for your support (even £1 would really help inspire other people to become backers) or if you can share out the link it would mean the world to me and hopefully we can make super kawaii fuzzballs shirts a reality.

Thank you again.

Andy: It’s not the kind of thing that I would wear personally, but they are really nicely designed (the characters are perfect for tee prints) and the link is worth pressing for the “Cat Toast Paradox” GIF alone!

  • Frederik Egger

    Very cute! I love them and would actually buy one for my sister. Plus…its japanese style…which is always a plus. Cu, Freddy @ freddysshop.spreadshirt.com

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