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July 2015

The Heathens 79 – Mega Review

by Ben_P on July 30, 2015

Fair warning. This review is pretty gigantic in comparison to most we do! Buckle up.

I recently had the pleasure of reviewing an up and coming brand called The Heathens Star 79 , this was quite a good opportunity for a whole brand review as we got sent 3 X Mens T-shirts and 3 X Women’s T-Shirts, so it has been a pretty thorough review.

Obviously I’m not a lady so I can’t really comment on the fits and the styles and the general feel of the product so it was a good opportunity to get a new HYA writer to weigh in, so this review will be split into two sections the other section being handled by Jen.

So one thing I want to get clear straight away is that I like this brand and getting to know the main man behind it has been fun as well, it’s all homegrown – he has experience in the industry but all of this is done off his own back in his place, there is something super satisfying about chatting to someone who prints their own shirts, get’s their own shirts made and just wants to be involved in every step of the process along the way – to me it adds a little something extra to the shirt when you know the effort that has gone into it. That said overall there are some brilliant points to what he’s accomplished and also definitely some areas he can improve on or things that are not quite to my taste. 

When I received the package from The Heathens I couldn’t help but chuckle to myself ever so slightly – it was exactly how I imagined packaging up my products if I were ever to create a brand. They were packaged in a simple brown paper with string tied round and a wax seal. It. Was. Awesome. This is definitely a nice addition to any brand but obviously doesn’t mean what you receive is a great product. Just these little things that I enjoy and really does add to the professionalism of a brand and keeps it nice and consistent. Like I always say though these things aren’t essential to a brand but they add to the whole experience.


So the shirts are custom printed (i.e. not Gildan not American Apparel) which is quite surprising for a relatively new brand. They are quite a thin shirt which personally I enjoy but this could effect the longevity of the garment, but for those who love a light weight shirt it is very comfortable. The shirts themselves also have a seam down the back which I’d never encountered before – I assumed it might have been a cost cutting exercise but when asking he thought it added a bit of character to the shirt. I’m inclined to agree that it is definitely unique but I found it slightly irritating initially but once on for a few minutes I soon forgot it was there. Just a little note that the female t-shirts don’t have this feature.

It was a bit of a mixed bag for me personally with the designs. I’ll start off with my least favourite which was the ‘Dog Villain’ I want to like this design, and it does certainly look cool, but the choice of having it quite faded out and especially on a white garment isn’t the best way to really show off the design, I think it’s a combination of quite a subtle design on a colour of shirt I don’t usually wear (if you were to look in my wardrobe very little of my clothes are white). This isn’t to say that the design is bad, it’s just not my taste and it almost comes across as drawn on to the t-shirt. Each to his own though, some of you out there may love it!

Dog Villain

‘Star Suicide’ is my next favourite, it’s bold, its big and it stands out thats for sure. This is how I like white t-shirts to be. I wouldn’t usually go for this sort of style but I can definitely see that this will appeal to people out there and the fade does look really good. I feel that part of the reason this isn’t my favourite is I’m probably not cool enough to be rocking this shirt!

Star Suicide

‘Line Drop’ my personal favourite, I really really like this one. It’s simplicity is awesome, I love the fade and the subtle Heathens typography behind the lines. One thing I will mention as a slightly negative is that using names in relatively new brands is somewhat off putting I feel for people purchasing their t-shirts if its too in your face as they won’t have an established fan base – however I think with these ones it has fitted in quite well to not be too overbearing from the style of the shirt. I’ve found myself wearing this one quite a lot actually so I can definitely say I’ve got a few white shirts I enjoy wearing now!

Line Drop

Now we’ll pass over to Jen on her first post as she reviews the ladies side of the review!

I am very pleased to be writing my first post, especially for The Heathens 79 as I really like the tees they offer.

What I tend to look for in tshirts is the quality of the print itself – whether it is stiff due to the dye or technique used, and whether it grins. I also look at positioning of the prints, as well as the handfeel, colouration and quality of the fabric used in the tshirts themselves. I was given three of the women’s options, two of which I love and the other isn’t really my taste but obviously that’s just personal opinion. The fabric is of good quality but not the softest or heaviest jersey.

There is nice detailing on each tshirt with back neck binding and shaped sleeves. The logo is printed in the back neck also which is a nice touch and shows the branding. One negative would be that in one of the tshirts this was not lined up in the centre like the others – perhaps this was a small error on this particular sample but I’d hope a larger number sold on the website are like this as it shows inconsistency.

The labels used are awesome – a real point of difference. I love the unique-ness of the message. I can certainly say myself and Ben did drink whilst in the tees, but I have no comment on whether anything else occurred! What I will say is that I’d hope these labels change from paper to card if the brand get bigger.



The ‘Feather Cross’ would be my personal favourite as the print is quite commercial following the cross trend on the high street a few years ago. This may put some people off, however working in fashion, I believe it is a great piece to have featured in the collection. The print is quite thin therefore the handfeel is soft – an aspect I prefer. However, due to this it does slightly grin but unfortunately probably unavoidable. The detail in the feathers are good and the positioning on the body is perfect.

Feather Cross


The ‘Rose N Bones’ is a nice design too with added colour, but I would have liked the position of the rose more symmetrical with the cross bones. Again, the print allows the fabric to remain soft and flexible.

Rose & Bones

My least favourite is the ‘Heathens Star’ tee purely for the fact the print is shiny and has a stiffer handfeel than the others this is partly due to a rubber ink used in the name. There seems to have been 2 screens on this one too however the branding and the background are both black so you can’t make out the name easily. Personally, I would not buy this as I don’t like the design –it’s too masculine. 

Heathen Star

I would definitely consider buying the other 2 though, perhaps even more so if they were in long sleeved or vest shapes. The Heathens Star 79 are definitely worth a visit.



Instagram : #THE_HEATHENS


Uniform’s Summer Coupon code

by Andy on July 30, 2015

Uniform Public Summer 2nd drop’s been out for a couple weeks and they have a discount coupon available till the end of July, 15% OFF on everything. The code is UNFRMSMR15 and will be applied at checkout.

Andy: Thanks for the code!


Vicilifestyle is a brand for CONQUERORS! When Conquerors are faced with challenges and obstacles they do not kneel they RISE to the occasion.
Conquerors progress to overcome!
Join the Army of Conquerors!
Shop Vicilifestyle @

Andy: I’m not going to sugarcoat it because that will hurt more in the long run than what I’m about to say. This is not good enough and people you don’t know will not buy these shirts unless you are some kind of marketing genius.

I know it isn’t nice to be told the thing you spent time and money on isn’t good, but there are millions of shirts out there and with how easy it is to make a professional looking shirt these days there aren’t enough reasons presented to me on the site to make me buy one of these shirts over another brand. I’m not the target demographic, granted, but I can’t really work out who would like these shirts and that’s a problem, because I’ve been looking at t-shirt sites for more than nine years. The designs need to have a more professional look to them (or at least real photos of the shirts so potential customers know what they look like), and the website needs more information on product pages about the shirts and their fit as well as in general explaining your delivery prices, times and locations.


We are Absolution Apparel Co. The company was officially launched in July of 2015. The first vision we had was to put a lot of thought into our designs and give them meaning from our own lives. We are a brand of top quality that is defining luxury with a mix of streetwear for timeless fashion. Our brand is all about motivating the individual and speaking to them deep down by relating personally to there lives. We knew from the start our quality for our business was just as important, so combining these two we would have a very powerful start to something great. So Absolution Apparel was created to fulfill this vision.

We knew the brand had to be anything but short of perfect. Before creating the brand, one thing in our lives that we expressed would be to have no more regrets. Top notch quality to every aspect to the garment, print quality, and overall experience for the customer. Absolution apparel is located right outside of York Pa. For two guys that have a vision for top quality, relatable designs, and a lot of attention to detail we give you Absolution Apparel Co. Hope you enjoy the brand.

Andy: This is one of those funny situations where I can’t really find anything to criticise (site, designs and product photography are well done), but I personally wouldn’t want to wear the designs. Then again I’m not really in their target demographic.


Fiasco Worldwide Capsule Drop

by Andy on July 29, 2015

Fiasco Worldwide has just announce their relaunch of their site: The site will feature new products and more items to offer the buyer. The brand was created in 2013 and has now expanded on all levels with colorful items for the consumer.

Andy: Looks like we might be a little early with this one as the site says that it is opening soon, but it looks good so far and the designs are pretty cool. Thanks for the submission!


The Ying Yang Tree of Life men’s organic tshirt is combined with a background image of an ultra deep field view of galaxies billions of light-years away taken by NASA’s Hubble Telescope.

Here’s what NASA had to say about their original image before Spaced Out Shop transformed it into our Ying Yang Tree of Life Design.

“This infrared view reveals galaxies far, far away that existed long, long ago. Taken by the Near Infrared Camera and Multi-object Spectrometer aboard NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope, the image is part of the Hubble Ultra Deep Field survey, the deepest portrait ever taken of the universe. This galaxy-studded view represents a “deep” core sample of the universe, cutting across billions of light-years..”

Get your universe on!

HYA fans can get $10 off this tshirt by using the code ‘HYAYING‘ which is valid until the end of August.

Andy: Cool concept, and many thanks for the coupon code!

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Pre-Order Special from Ed Pincombe

by Andy on July 28, 2015

I’m running a pre order special on my new designs “WEIRD & FREE” & “PIZZA & BEER” you can pick them up for $20.
Use coupon code: 15OFFSUMMER and save 15% on any other products on my site.

Andy: Very cool designs are a very attractive price.

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New ALIVE Clothing T-Shirts and Tanktops

by Andy on July 28, 2015

ALIVE Clothing new summer range is here!

Fresh designs for sunny days, printed on high quality soft cotton Stanley & Stella apparel are now available in the ALIVE Clothing online shop.
New prints like the graphically „White Wolf”, the ubercute „Birdy Hedaphones” or the stylish „Alive Logo” – great new designs for beegarden, beach or your urban balcony.

Brand new ALIVE Clothing added a range of stylish boys and girl tanktops in a tasty selection of fresh summer colours to their collection.

Andy: Love the style of these illustrations.


Peter Bagshaw has released his new collection called “Scarabs”. Each design is hand drawn and manually silk-screened onto cotton triblend and jersey Next Level tee shirts. Designs are exclusively available in mens and womens on his website (

Andy: I think this shirt is a prime example of why having a real photo would make a shirt a lot more exciting to me as a t-shirt buyer. The artwork doesn’t necessarily appeal to me personally, but I’d probably like it more if it was presented in the best possible manner.


Aloft – Boundary Layer Apparel

by Andy on July 28, 2015

Dear Friends, Pilots & Customers

Welcome to our shop and blog.

We finally made it, after a lot of blood, sweat and tears, Aloft Boundary Layer Apparel has become a reality. Our dream started in September 2014, when we realised that there were no stylish clothes for paragliding pilots, especially not for women. We had searched all of the stands in Coupe Icare and came away disappointed. We then started to brainstorm…….a lot…….and more, then slowly a concept materialised. We wanted to make cool, stylish, functional apparel for pilots, not expensive but also not cheap and shitty. No more childish designs, no more ’80’s motives, we wanted to reflect on how the sport has progressed, no longer is it a sketchy take off followed by a glide and unpredictable landing, instead we actually fly, like birds, sometimes even better! Xc flights of over 300km triangles, heights over 7000m, we soar along coastal ridges for hours. And then there is acro… explosion of speed, dynamic and high Gs, weightlessness, spinning delicate helicos, connections and then all twisted. Yes we actually fly!
Aloft means : up high, above, in the air, and originates from the old Norse “a lopt” We chose this name because it suits, is short, uncommon, light and describes our brand image really well.

The company was founded by us: Niki Szedenics and Ivan Purcell. We are based in Switzerland, deep in the mountains and have both been flying since 2011 and enjoy all kinds of flying especially acro. We have done everything ourselves, all designs, branding, logos, online store, blogs, social sites, finding manufacturers, photography, promotion, advertising, connecting, integrating, networking, Coupe Icare trade stand, finding pilots to sponsor, learning about insurance, tax, book keeping, business plans and thrown in all our own money.
We will be the first company to tackle the clothing segment for paragliding pilots in a serious way and provide great designs which we all deserve. Until now pilots have been wearing surf, skate and mountaineering brands. We will offer clothing for all types of pilots including acro, XC, paramotor and the ‘local mountain’ flyers.

In 2015 we will be offering T-shirts, hoodies, caps and neck tubes. In 2016 we will add soft shells, fleeces and puff jackets ect, of course always with cool designs, and pilot specific details. We hope to offer a complete range in 2017 including outer layer jackets and pants, pullovers, shorts, beanies, caps, belts, bum bags, face masks, ect. We will also do our best to make a flying overall (one piece suit) that actually looks cool, no easy task!

We will have a stand at the Coupe Icare 2015, so people can see our stuff and meet us personally.
So we think that is all for now, please like our facebook page and spread & fly the word!

See you aloft
Ivan and Niki

Andy: That’s certainly a niche of the clothing world I’ve not seen catered for in the past! Cool designs, as ever I’d like to see real photos of the shirts on the site instead of mockups, they have a few genuine shots on Facebook and the shirts look good, so hopefully they’ve got a shoot lined up soon to make the shirts a bit more attractive to buyers.


Me King – Men’s Premium All-Over-Print T-Shirt. This classic cut, 100% Polyester premium shirt. This must-own top comes highly recommended. All shirts have a limited production run of 195, certified, and tripled audited. All Exclusive Collection t-shirts are processed and printed in the United States.

Andy: Sometimes I look at the things people submit and wonder why they think I’d like this considering it’s like nothing else on the site? Still, there is definitely a market for stuff like this but I doubt it will be popular with HYA readers. It’s interesting to see how far all-over print tees have some though, even over the last couple of years.


Color Bomb!

by Andy on July 27, 2015

Modern X Groovy …Colorful Flashing Clothes for extra great brain drives! Don’t forget to comment if u like the Products.

PEACE!!!Ultra-soft and lightweight, our dye-sublimated tanks are printed on 100% polyester to keep you cool while you’re looking cool. True to size, a sublimated tank is the perfect way to add a new level of boldness to your warm-weather wardrobe. Made in USA.

Andy: A little too colourful for me (I look down at myself and notice I’m in black chinos, a black tee, and a dark grey jumper today), but they are really cool.


Icon Attire is a brand bent on bringing back good, old fashioned, iconography. The name Icon was chosen as the brand name to allow for the widest range of influences possible. Admittedly, the forthcoming designs for the brand will reference Art History a bit more than seems relevant to most, but the goal of Icon Attire is to make ancient and classical iconography relevant to people again. By wearing art and cultural icons from around the world people will begin to feel connected to the story of human civilization, and to feel like they are a part of that story, not apart from it (pun intended).

The first collection, titled Famous Faces, contains seven designs of well known iconic images from Ancient Egypt, the Italian Renaissance, and mid 20th century Americana. Some of the designs will have been appropriated, while others are truly original pieces, commissioned from artists from around the world. With the advancement of t-shirt printing technologies these shirts are available as print-on-demand. This gives an even greater flexibility with being able to offer any design on a wide range of styles and colors. Just contact to request a design be made available in a different style or color. If the first few collections are well received new collections will be released on a bi-monthly basis. Enjoy.

Andy: Some I like (the Einstein and Monroe designs, which I presume are now public domain images and legal to use on shirts), and some aren’t working for me but with them being based on icons then I suppose if you have a personal reaction to them it’s going to be more positive (or negative).


RSI Apparel

by Mr Four Fingers on July 25, 2015

RSI_Apparel_LOOKBOOK-IMAGE-5 RSI_Apparel_21GRAMS-BLACK-FRONT-560x560 RSI_Apparel_Image-15-Edit RSI_Apparel_LOOKBOOK-IMAGE-1 RSI_Apparel_LOOKBOOK-IMAGE-3

I have definitely been away from Hide Your Arms for far too long. But now I’m back and I bring you RSI Apparel. I’m not sure how I found these guys but I now follow them in/on the haze of Instagram.

I recently bought a tee from them and oh yeah it’s fine. Being a massive Iain Macarthur fan, I was stalking his website one night gawking and slobbering in equal measures until I found ‘Rumpus Face’. An Indonesian style crazy ass face. Not a technical term of course. This screenprinted t-shirt beauty belonged to the online store of RSI Apparel. Insta buy. Done.




The parcel arrived with the great touches of a caring brand. Things like a personal note and stickers that never fail to impress. The design itself is great and matched perfectly with gold paint /inks on black fabric. Some of the fabric texture breaks through a little, though this could be intentional. The result is that the design is not metallic shiny and ‘heavy’ like foil print but rather a little softer with medium hand.

Being a designer I found it almost strange that the tag was gold foil blocked for an online order. It may not seem like much but it says that these guys are investing into their brand and due their credit.

If you want a cool design, not slim fit but somewhere in the middle (for me at least), at a great price then check out the amazing range at RSI Apparel. Oh yeah I failed to mention that their grossly talented artist roster includes Paul Jackson, Godmachine and Tony Graystone to name but a few.

Yeah, worth a visit I would say.




Seventh.Ink has just released a new design called “The Norseman” that is available on shirts and stickers in limited quantities on their website ( The shirts are four colors printed with water based inks on Next Level with custom printed tags. The stickers are 4.5” x 5.5” weather proof stickers on brushed alloy for an awesome metallic effect.

Andy: Very nice indeed!



by Andy on July 16, 2015

Serengetee is a company that allows you to wear the world while changing lives. The company’s signature product is the pocket tee, but other items include bags, headware, accessories, and pillows among other things. The products feature fabric patterns inspired by different parts of the world and give back to charities located in the inspired places. You can use Cook15 for 15% of your order.

Andy:I really like the style of these tees and the idea behind the brand, very nice indeed.


Hey guys!

Just dropped a new weeknd design and some new hats in different colorways.

The weeknd design can be found here:

The hats can be found here:

Andy: The hats don’t really appeal to me, but I doubt I’m their target market.


Global Citizen Shirt

by Andy on July 13, 2015

San Francisco, California, USA — Global Citizen Shirt was founded with the mission to fashionably promote global citizenry. According to their philosophy, a global citizen is someone who supports international travel, loves to meet people and enjoys studying cultural stories.

The most interesting thing about Global Citizen Shirt is that they are a fundraiser for an ambitious goal: all sales of Global Citizen Shirts go toward funding their upcoming YouTube travel show. The show will emphasize intercultural understanding through human connection, focus on interviewing revolutionary social entrepreneurs, filming epic landscapes and exploring the story of life.

The Global Citizen Shirt is available in five languages including English, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish and French. Each language simply says, “Global Citizen” inside of a circle that symbolizes the earth. To sum it up, these guys are selling California-made t-shirts to support a more global world in order to fund a show that promotes a more global world. Interesting.

Check them out at

Andy: Interesting idea, though I often question the use of a t-shirt to raise funds since so many people try and fail to make a living selling tees, but perhaps as a one-off it will work for them. Possibly a little too simple for my tastes but I understand that was kinda the whole point for them.


Knope London // Summer Collection 2015

by Andy on July 13, 2015

Knope is a south London based clothing brand bringing a more diverse and exciting range than you might expect from a streetwear start-up. Knope was founded by Joel De Mowbray after he was inundated with dozens of requests from friends who wanted to give his garms as presents at the end of 2014. He was finishing college at the time so used all the hours of the night to make it happen. Now graduated, there’s a complete summer line from tees to dungarees to sink your teeth into.

You might think the name plays off Parks & Recreation’s Leslie Knope. Actually, it comes from a phrase that’s followed Joel throughout his life – ‘Know Hope’. The play on NO hope // KNOW hope always stuck with him. It gives a sense of relentless optimism; any moment that might feel absolutely hopeless is actually an opportunity to be your strongest. ‘Know Hope’ was shortened to ‘Knope‘ keeping the message subtle, but it’s there for anyone that’s interested.

Exclusively for HYA ‘ers head to and use discount code: GIMMETHAT! for 10% off on all orders.

Andy: It’s a pity that they dealt with the Parks & Rec aspect because now I’m struggling for something fun to say about them. Good looking designs that will have an appeal to a lot of people. Interesting to see them using a .london domain name, don’t think I’ve ever see that from a brand before.

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Jon Wye Clothing Co. Needs Your Help To Expand Their USA Made Product Base

With your help, the DC company aims to bring its “We Make Awesome” flare to the world of luxury apparel. First up, and just in time for fall and in preparation for ugly sweater competitions around the world; Jon Wye’s Ultimate Ugly Sweater. The luxury knit sweater dons one of Jon Wye’s most divisive designs; the humorous image of a cat licking its butt while day dreaming  of sweet, sweet ice cream.

The Jon Wye Company (est 2004) is a successful indie apparel line with a ‘Made in the USA’ focus. It is most known for handmade graphic leather belts and story driven graphic t-shirts.

Founder and owner, Jon Wye says the time to enter the luxury apparel market is now. “We have the technology. We have the capability to build the world’s first cat butt sweater,” says Wye.

The design is in the same vein as the company’s successful graphic t-shirts and Wye is confident that if the company’s Kickstarter goal is met, the sweater will be a huge success. “It’s what the people want. It’s what they need,” he says.
Wye’s designer, Dyanne Marte, an industry veteran states, “We have gone through a few rounds of samples during the development stage and we really wanted to fine tune the fit and the quality so it’s just right for our customer.” The sweater is made of cotton, viscose and a little bit of silk. “It definitely has a luxury feel to it,” states Marte. The quality of the knit means there won’t be any issues with pilling or shrinkage and it is machine washable. A jacquard knitting technique was used to make this sweater and the design of the cat butt is actually knitted into the sweater. This is not a simple embellishment on an existing product. works on an “all-or-nothing” policy. Jon Wye Clothing Company must reach their goal of at least $12,000 in 30 days in order to receive any funds. At their second goal of $24,000 a women’s fashion fit version of the sweater will be introduced.

Check out their project at and track their progress by following them on Twitter/Instagram (@jonwye) and Facebook. Every dollar will fund your hopes of winning the next ugly sweater competition.


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