Expression T-Shirts from T-Express

by Andy on July 10, 2015

We can take a stand and express yourself with these cool t-shirts..

Andy: I’m sure they tried hard, but when there are millions of other options out there I can’t see people other than friends and family placing orders for these designs and with the minimum being set at around 50 and up on these TeeSpring campaigns it seems fairly unlikely that these will be getting printed.

  • Longtimereaderwhohaslosttrust

    I used to come to this website because it displayed amazing clothing for me to buy. What on earth is this.

  • Andy (Hide Your Arms)

    These are t-shirts that I don’t particularly like, Hide Your Arms isn’t about just about posting good things that people will want to buy.

    A lot of the positive comments I get about he site relate to how it is unusual in the t-shirt blog world because I post things I don’t like and actually provide criticism that is valuable to the brands/artists involved in the post and other brands too. This site is meant to help everyone, not just shoppers, and from personal experience tough love is often what people need to improve their business which is why I sometimes post things I don’t like.

    The site having to move to a submitted posts model isn’t ideal, but it’s not possible for me to find time to write blog posts when I have Rigu to run, as well as web design and photography work for clients.

    I’m curious, how long have you been reading the site and would I know who you are (you don’t have to tell me your real name if we’ve had contact in the past, I know that could be awkward)? Also, the direction of a site like this is very reliant on feedback, if people don’t comment on articles it’s hard for me to know what people want, even when the site was getting 200k pageviews a month and had lots of regular readers there were very few comments, that lack of engagement is the kind of thing that puts me off dedicating time to posts when I know I won’t really get anything back. Long story short, if you want changes, people need to tell me when they like things as much as when they don’t.

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