Wear the Legend with Shark Tooth Jax

by Andy on July 10, 2015

Shark Tooth Jax is an independent clothing label started by Kris Williams in 2015. The label honours the memory and legend of the fictional character Jacques P. Delacroix, by creating designs in clothing that celebrate the great man’s spirit and adventures, as well as his philosophy.

The brand has been based on a concept developed to incorporate American popular culture, movies and music, as well twentieth century mythology. The idea being that behind the logo and designs there is a back story that will build up with each new season creating the legend of Shark Tooth Jax.

All designs are created in house by ‘the chief’ and generally relate to a specific and well told story in the colourful history of the brands namesake Shark Tooth Jax. The label is focusing on T-shirts, with this summer’s range aimed at those who like their clothing to come with an ‘Americana’ flavour.

Instagram @sharktoothjax_tees

Andy: Looks good, thanks for the submission!

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