Global Citizen Shirt

by Andy on July 13, 2015

San Francisco, California, USA — Global Citizen Shirt was founded with the mission to fashionably promote global citizenry. According to their philosophy, a global citizen is someone who supports international travel, loves to meet people and enjoys studying cultural stories.

The most interesting thing about Global Citizen Shirt is that they are a fundraiser for an ambitious goal: all sales of Global Citizen Shirts go toward funding their upcoming YouTube travel show. The show will emphasize intercultural understanding through human connection, focus on interviewing revolutionary social entrepreneurs, filming epic landscapes and exploring the story of life.

The Global Citizen Shirt is available in five languages including English, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish and French. Each language simply says, “Global Citizen” inside of a circle that symbolizes the earth. To sum it up, these guys are selling California-made t-shirts to support a more global world in order to fund a show that promotes a more global world. Interesting.

Check them out at

Andy: Interesting idea, though I often question the use of a t-shirt to raise funds since so many people try and fail to make a living selling tees, but perhaps as a one-off it will work for them. Possibly a little too simple for my tastes but I understand that was kinda the whole point for them.

  • Antje Bremer

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  • dbx1

    it’s my understanding that American Apparel does not authorize the use of its catalog images to be used by screenprinters to show off designs.

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