Knope London // Summer Collection 2015

by Andy on July 13, 2015

Knope is a south London based clothing brand bringing a more diverse and exciting range than you might expect from a streetwear start-up. Knope was founded by Joel De Mowbray after he was inundated with dozens of requests from friends who wanted to give his garms as presents at the end of 2014. He was finishing college at the time so used all the hours of the night to make it happen. Now graduated, there’s a complete summer line from tees to dungarees to sink your teeth into.

You might think the name plays off Parks & Recreation’s Leslie Knope. Actually, it comes from a phrase that’s followed Joel throughout his life – ‘Know Hope’. The play on NO hope // KNOW hope always stuck with him. It gives a sense of relentless optimism; any moment that might feel absolutely hopeless is actually an opportunity to be your strongest. ‘Know Hope’ was shortened to ‘Knope‘ keeping the message subtle, but it’s there for anyone that’s interested.

Exclusively for HYA ‘ers head to and use discount code: GIMMETHAT! for 10% off on all orders.

Andy: It’s a pity that they dealt with the Parks & Rec aspect because now I’m struggling for something fun to say about them. Good looking designs that will have an appeal to a lot of people. Interesting to see them using a .london domain name, don’t think I’ve ever see that from a brand before.

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