New Brand, Icon Attire launches with Famous Faces Collection

by Andy on July 27, 2015

Icon Attire is a brand bent on bringing back good, old fashioned, iconography. The name Icon was chosen as the brand name to allow for the widest range of influences possible. Admittedly, the forthcoming designs for the brand will reference Art History a bit more than seems relevant to most, but the goal of Icon Attire is to make ancient and classical iconography relevant to people again. By wearing art and cultural icons from around the world people will begin to feel connected to the story of human civilization, and to feel like they are a part of that story, not apart from it (pun intended).

The first collection, titled Famous Faces, contains seven designs of well known iconic images from Ancient Egypt, the Italian Renaissance, and mid 20th century Americana. Some of the designs will have been appropriated, while others are truly original pieces, commissioned from artists from around the world. With the advancement of t-shirt printing technologies these shirts are available as print-on-demand. This gives an even greater flexibility with being able to offer any design on a wide range of styles and colors. Just contact to request a design be made available in a different style or color. If the first few collections are well received new collections will be released on a bi-monthly basis. Enjoy.

Andy: Some I like (the Einstein and Monroe designs, which I presume are now public domain images and legal to use on shirts), and some aren’t working for me but with them being based on icons then I suppose if you have a personal reaction to them it’s going to be more positive (or negative).

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