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July 2015

Expression T-Shirts from T-Express

by Andy on July 10, 2015

We can take a stand and express yourself with these cool t-shirts..

Andy: I’m sure they tried hard, but when there are millions of other options out there I can’t see people other than friends and family placing orders for these designs and with the minimum being set at around 50 and up on these TeeSpring campaigns it seems fairly unlikely that these will be getting printed.


Wear the Legend with Shark Tooth Jax

by Andy on July 10, 2015

Shark Tooth Jax is an independent clothing label started by Kris Williams in 2015. The label honours the memory and legend of the fictional character Jacques P. Delacroix, by creating designs in clothing that celebrate the great man’s spirit and adventures, as well as his philosophy.

The brand has been based on a concept developed to incorporate American popular culture, movies and music, as well twentieth century mythology. The idea being that behind the logo and designs there is a back story that will build up with each new season creating the legend of Shark Tooth Jax.

All designs are created in house by ‘the chief’ and generally relate to a specific and well told story in the colourful history of the brands namesake Shark Tooth Jax. The label is focusing on T-shirts, with this summer’s range aimed at those who like their clothing to come with an ‘Americana’ flavour.
Instagram @sharktoothjax_tees

Andy: Looks good, thanks for the submission!


Check us. Our website dropped last year Aug 29th. I would like to premier some of our top items on this blog for people to see. Til Death Do Us Part, Graffiti, & The World Empire are all doing very well. We have a $100 Giveaway going on, and details are in our commercial we recently released. YouTube: GMK CLOTHING COMMERCIAL Discount Code: WIN100

Andy: Not to my personal taste but I can see why people would like their style.


All 50 Project

by Andy on July 7, 2015

The All 50 Project is our biggest release yet! The collection features a different t-shirt for each of the 50 states and also includes a portion of profits being donated to a school in that state through

All made and handprinted in the USA. See it all at

Andy: I have seen concepts like this before and whilst I like the idea the designs never quite make me happy, but thankfully that’s not the case here, great looking designs no matter where you’re from!


A new crowdfunding campaign is reaching for the stars, with New Zealand-based online T-shirt store offering limited edition organic T-shirts of 16 influential people designed with images from NASA’s Hubble Telescope. The campaign will run for 30 days, and only 100 T-shirts of each influential person will ever be made.

The campaign has been created as a marketing activity to assist in Spaced Out Shop’s recent start in business and aims to raise at least $10,000USD over its 30-day duration.

“This is your chance to be one of the very few people in the universe that will ever get to wear one of these T-shirts”, says Spaced Out Shop owner Scott Townsend.

For the campaign Spaced Out Shop have created designs of these 16 influential people: Neil deGrasse Tyson, Russell Brand, The Dalai Lama, Albert Einstein, Marilyn Monroe, Bruce Lee, Che Guevara, Jane Goodall, Joe Rogan, Nikola Tesla, Steve Jobs, Alan Watts, Marcus Aurelius, Amelia Earhart, Chuck Norris, and Jimi Hendrix.

The T-shirts can be purchased for US$35 each through Spaced Out Shop’s Indiegogo crowd-funding page. A range of other perks are available to contributors, including a ‘$500 Custom Spaced Out T-shirt’ perk, where Spaced Out Shop will create a custom design of a person or object of the contributor’s choosing if they pledge at least $500.

“I get really excited when I look up at the night stars, when I think about the infinite awesomeness that is space. How amazing it is to be alive, because life as we know it is so rare, yet so insignificant,” says Scott.

He started Spaced Out Shop to share his passion of space and advocate cosmic awareness, “through simple and bold design these products create a window into space and time for others to wear, to enjoy, to discuss, and contemplate.”

Andy: I quite like the designs, but $10,000 is a lot to be after on a t-shirt crowdfunding campaign, and having such a large target might put people off pledging if they don’t think the campaign will reach it. If I was doing this I might have gone for a smaller amount of people/designs so that I could then target each of them for their own promotional campaigns, presuming that the high figure is because they are having to produce a certain amount of shirts in each design for them to be viable so reducing the number of designs would have proportionally reduced the funding target. They also have that New Zealand premium going against them (I don’t think I’ve ever seen a cheap tee from NZ, they just cost more to produce there). They’re up against it so I wish them luck because this is a pretty cool idea. Whoops! I misunderstood and didn’t realise that the campaign was a flexible funding goal so even if the goal isn’t met then the shirts will still get sent out, which changes things completely, since the lofty goal doesn’t make a big difference as it doesn’t really matter whether it’s achieved or not. With that in mind, if you like it, pledge on it!

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In honor of the holiday weekend Seventh.Ink is offering 25% off of ALL orders, plus FREE shipping on all US orders over $50. This is a good opportunity to stock up on some new gear for the summer, so visit the Seventh.Ink Store and get your hands on some gear!

Andy: You don’t even need a coupon code, nice!


Wear your identiTEE with a mymaptee

by Andy on July 3, 2015

Not a fan of patriotic tees? I wasn’t either, which is why I designed my own: mymaptees. These tees are not overly obnoxious and loud like other where-you’re-from-tees that you can only really wear on an occasion (say, an independence day) or when you’re feeling boastfully patriotic. mymaptees are subtle and simple, and great for any occasion (PanAm Games, Olympics, UEFA or FIFA games, any national sporting events) and non-occasion.

If you don’t identify with a country, perhaps you identify with a continent (also part of our collection). Better yet, maybe you’re from a few countries or want to highlight all the countries you’ve traveled to on a mymaptee. If that’s the case, shoot us an email at and we’ll custom design you a one-of-a-kind tee at no extra cost, and add it to our collection.

So far, we’ve got tees and tanks for countries in the Americas (because of the PanAm Games), but we’re working our way through the other continents and uploading new country tees regularly. If you want your country bumped to the top of the to-design list, email us and we’ll get ‘er done.

All tees and tanks are currently on sale for a limited time only in light of the PanAm Games. We’re also offering free shipping for orders of 3 or more. Check us out @!

Andy: I like the style of the map, which is probably a good thing since it’s their only design!


MÜGEN COLL 2015 Summer Colelction

by Andy on July 3, 2015

MÜGEN COLL is a new, fun Japanese, art and style inspired brand founded by Jordan Taylor and Taco Shinozuka. ?? ( pronounce /mügén) is a Japanese character commonly used in many of there designs which means ” a forever lasting dream” . They have a fresh, universal minimalist style that seeks to design fun and comfortable clothing for everyone.

They just released a summer collection that consist of 2 designs. One being the “Hanabuchi” black tee Designed By Taco Shinozuka “hanabuchi means floral border. the floral border might seem like the main focus but actually the design focus was on the space between the graphic and type.” – Taco Shinozuka

Also the “Visions” white tee first hand drawn then digitized by Jordan Taylor.

Andy: Very cool designs!


Ambitious Collective Summer 2015

by Andy on July 2, 2015

Ambitious Collective is proud to present their Summer 2015 capsule which consists of five new graphic tee designs. These along with previous collections are now available in our online shop Use promo code “FAME” and get 20% off your purchase.

Andy: Really nice collection!


Wazool has been producing some of the funniest and trendy shirts for quite a few years now, if you hear about something crazy going on in the news expect Wazool Clothing to have a shirt about it.

Andy: Not the kind of thing that I would wear but I can see how these might be fun at a festival.


What Does Your T-shirt Say…About You?

by Andy on July 1, 2015

Los Angeles street photographer Bravo Valenti shoots a wide array of L.A. people whose t-shirts often reveal more about them than one may immediately realize. “I had noticed that the sayings, graphics and styles of people’s t-shirts often revealed things about them that they themselves were often unaware of,” photographer Bravo Valenti explains. “So I decided to go on a photographic journey that would visually stimulate the viewer to wonder what does this t-shirt really say about the person wearing it.”

For example, Valenti shot a guy wearing a t-shirt that said “Sorry for Killing It.” “When I took the picture, I had no idea the guy was a Marine. I doubt he even sees the irony,” Valenti explains. “My very first picture was a young teen, wearing a hardcore BDSM graphic on his t-shirt while out with his mother. It kind of shocked me and I realized there was fertile territory here to explore visually. Sometimes, the photo may just be something serendipitous, like when I shot a black kitchen worker with braids who was wearing a t-shirt from the restaurant where he worked, called “The Venice Whaler,” in front of a photo on their wall of reggae singer Bob Marley. Suddenly, I had a picture of Bob Marley and the Venice Whaler.”

Since starting the blog over a couple of months ago, does Valenti have a favorite photo? “Sure. My one hundredth pic was of a teenager drinking on Hollywood Boulevard, wearing a t-shirt that said “Los Angeles- Only the Strong Survive.”

Sometimes Valenti will shoot someone just because they look cool in their t-shirt, or their t-shirt is unique. But if you look carefully at his photos, there are often hidden meanings, double entendres or surprise messages embedded in them. “I think my followers enjoy the fact that it’s about much more than t-shirts. It’s really about people and what’s going on in their minds, and how their t-shirt is, in no small way, a window to their soul.”

Andy: Really cool idea!


Bold Iconic Tees by Exodica

by Andy on July 1, 2015

T shirts may be one of the best mediums for us to express our ideals, attitudes, energy, awareness, and lust for life. Many mainstream brands have taken that away from their design process and strictly use T shirts for branding their logo (not knocking the hustle). We value our voice, we aspire to inspire people to go out and do something epic with their lives and their time, and to have an attitude about it (be it a positive attitude but an attitude none the less) check out our selection of Tees and hoodies and be inspired to go all in for achieving your dreams.

Andy: Thanks for the submission!


Brooke Thomas, founder of Past & Prologue, launched the brand because she wanted to wear her Shakespeare fandom as often as she wears her film and TV fandoms.

Fact is: t-shirts are great, geeky t-shirts are the best kind, but literary geeky tees aren’t as ubiquitous as book worms would like.

Past & Prologue offers a variety of tees to suit every bard lover. We’ve got silly ones and serious ones, we’ve even got tote bags.

We hope you like our launch tees – follow us on twitter and facebook to be the first to hear when new lines come out! (@past_prologue /pastandprologue)

Use discount code BILLHASANEWHABERDASHER for 10% off.

Andy: Cool idea, as usual I would like to see the real thing instead of a mockup but I know I say that a lot, maybe I’m the only one that feels that way! Thanks for the submission!


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