DesignUntapped Launch Icon inspired tees

by Andy on September 22, 2015

DesignUntapped is a brand new t-shirt and apparel label. We’ve recently launched with our Icons range of tees, which are inspired by inspirational musicians, we aim to produce striking and colourful tshirt designs. Initially the designs were just for our designer, Andy, who would make the tees to wear about town, people would ask “Where did you get that from?” and want to buy for friends, this gave Andy the kick up the backside to start DesignUntapped and be able to offer the t-shirts to the public.

Our first batch of tees are: The Great Entertainer Tee, Starman Tee, The King Tee and Jealous Guy Tee.

We are based in Perth Australia and while we are small we are operating a drop shipment business.

This is our first venture in the t shirt worlds and we are slowly building followers and customers. It’s a daunting yet exiting task building a new brand, and for this reason Andy has added a blog to the website to offer some insider information to the world of DesignUntapped. Feel free to drop by to the site and take a look, we hope you like it, if you don’t, that’s cool too.

Andy: As ever, I would like to see real photos of the tees as I think these could be quite cool. I do wonder if the prints could do with being a bit bigger on the shirt. Love the typically Aussie attitude that it’s cool if people don’t like it!

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