Drink Coffee Worship Satan!

by Andy on September 22, 2015

So as the cold is starting to kick in, here at HNH we have your back.
What about a nice vessel to hold your warm drink, I hear you ask?
Yes we have that, and yes it clearly has our dark sense of humour to go with it. People of the world I give you ‘Drink Coffee Worship Satan’. It’s also worth remembering that it is just a cup, as much as I’d love it to summon demons, I can’t guarantee that will happen for you. Oh, on a second note it’s also worth remembering you can also use the mug for Tea (multiple flavours/varieties), Hot Chocolate, Soup and maybe even Horlicks?
As it’s HNH the mug is priced at £6.66, with free UK shipping.

If you are going to grab one, you can bundle with any of our tees and the tee will be just £12. Go save yourself some money, add the mug and any tee to your basket, then just use the code ‘cain‘ at the checkout.

Andy: I’m not sure if we’ve ever had a mug on the site before, I’m sure it would make me smile every morning if I had this on my desk in the office.

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