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October 2015

New Tshirt on Forsaken Star

by Andy on October 30, 2015


For our birthday, we have released 2 new T-shirts on!
Those are hand-drawn and screen-printed on 100% organic cotton tees.

I’m really proud of the render and I hope you’ll also enjoy those!

Andy: I really like that shirt on the right, thanks for the submission!


Fiasco Worldwide Fall/Winter Preview

by Andy on October 30, 2015

Fiasco Worldwide will be releasing our Fall / Winter Collection online. The official release date is November 6, 2015 and these items plus more will be available online at Our new collection features all type products from headwear to outerwear. Displayed are some of the items that are apart of the new collection.The brand will continue to do our promotional run into 2016 visiting numerous states and showcasing the brand, while engaging in pop up shops and vending a numerous events. Our new collection will be displayed at these events and sold online and at all of the events that we are involved in. To interact more with the brand please follow us on numerous social media accounts:

Andy: Looks good, thanks for another quality submission guys!


Metal Gear Solid Foxhound Crew

by Andy on October 30, 2015

Foxhound lives! Show your support for Snake’s original special forces group with this new Bitmap’d T-shirt inspired by the elite black ops unit of the Metal Gear Solid franchise. The Foxhound design is printed in metallic silver ink on a lightweight, 100% pre-shrunk cotton shirt. Available now at

p.s.Thanks Andy and the HYA crew for supporting and spreading the word about our brands. It’s much appreciated!!!

Andy: Ooooh, I do like a shiny shirt. Thanks for the submission!


How Humans Connect: Ask me… Tell me…

by Andy on October 30, 2015

With phrases like, “Tell me… what makes you smile. :)” and “Ask me… how I quit smoking,” How Humans Connect is on a mission to figure out how we as a society can have more meaningful interactions during our day. Whether it’s with strangers, acquaintances, friend or family – finding the right words to say can be difficult. So why not broadcast what you want to talk about on a shirt?

If you have a subject you love talking about or a cause you’d like to promote with How Humans Connect, send on your ideas on over to I would love to hear them and feature them on the site!

Use the code “hideyourarms” in order to receive 2$ off any shirt. Coupon ends November 1st, 2015.

Andy: I guess I probably should have posted this a few days ago, but you’ve still got a couple of days to make that saving.

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New tees and totes at SEIBEI!

by Andy on October 20, 2015

Hi Andy!

After having Seibei on the back burner for a while (my wife and I opened a comic shop and art gallery called Telegraph Art & Comics (, I’m releasing six new tees, some tote bags, and tank tops on a preorder on my site, to ship in the next few weeks.

I feel like I’ve hit a really good stride, and all of the new pieces make me so happy. Maybe they’ll make you happy too. As a special thank you, you can use coupon code HIDEYOURARMS to take an additional 10% off everything at SEIBEI, including preorders and already marked down items.

Andy: If there’s one person from the tee world I’m happy to see get back into the game it’s David Murray, buy something from this man, he’s super.

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Seasons come, seasons go. But hey! That doesn’t mean you can’t wear the Altru Apparel summer line of “Chill” shirts expressing a “Good Vibes” attitude. These shirts are “So Rad” and giving a 40% off code for the summer line should help keep the summer spirit alive!

40% off code: (SUMMERLOVING)

Code is good for everything in the “Summer” Collection category until November 1st.

Andy: These guys make some seriously high quality shirts, they sent one in a few years ago and I still have it in regular rotation with now change to the size or colour, highly recommended, especially with that kind of discount.


Dachshund Through The Snow

by Andy on October 20, 2015

This Holiday Tee is available online only and for a limited time! Celebrate doxie love! This is a great gift or a way to treat yourself!

Andy: Available online only and for a limited time…. because it’s on Teespring? Still, bless’em for using crowdfunding as a marketing point. It’s already reached the minimum, so if you want it, feel free to place that order. Oh, and it’s not a tee, come on, this is Hide Your Arms, do you think I wouldn’t notice?


Back to the Future – Dr Who Mashup

by Andy on October 20, 2015

This is my mashup Back To The Future – Dr Who. Great Scott, Delorean is the new Tardis!

Andy: Mashup tees were part of the reason why I stopped posting about shirts as much, they’re usually pointless, lazy and cynical ways to get internet people excited for no good reason. I feel the same way about this shirt, there’s no real need for BttF and Dr Who to be on the same shirt except that they both have time travel themes. Don’t even get me started on the copyright infringement side of things. I’m sure that the designer of this shirt just likes them both and wanted to put them on a shirt, that’s fine, but I don’t see the value in it.

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Rightgeous Journey is proud to annouce the release of our initial collection paying homage to our Chicago roots in classic black and white White Sox colors

Andy: These designs mean nothing to me, but I’m not the target market so that’s irrelevant. What I would like to see though is proper product images (no surprise to regular readers there), I also noticed when I loaded the site that it took a while for the products to load, which is due to not using optimised images. It’s a minor point but the quicker a page loads the more likely people are to buy something, so it just makes business sense to think about these small issues.


New Sotare Monster Shirts

by Andy on October 20, 2015

Recently I have released two new shirts with Sotare. I’m really excited and proud with how each shirt has come out!

In September, we dropped a new version of the “Zombie Joey” shirt. That’s right, he’s back… from the dead… and more colorful than ever. Zombie Joey rises up from the grave to feed on the brains of the living. He’s after you! Once you’ve been infected with the virus, there’s no going back.

It’s easy to become a zombie in today’s society. Staring mindlessly at our phones. Disconnected from reality. Going through the motions of a mundane, brain-numbing routine. We need to break free and come back to life.

This time, the design is screen printed using the split-fountain technique creating a vibrant effect of colors fading from blue to pink. Due to the screen printing process each zombie shirt will have a different fade and each one will be unique.

This October we released a brand new monster design. His name is “Akumu”, Japanese for “nightmare”. How can such a cute little monster be a nightmare? Beneath the welcoming exterior lies a shadow monster- strong, dark, and deadly. “Akumu” reminds us that the world is not always as it seems… and looks can be deceiving.

Both shirts are printed on black, soft, sweatshop free, ringspun American Apparel shirts and adorned with Sotare hem tags.

Use the code HYA2015 for 15% off your purchase!

Leaping forward,
Adrian Black

Andy: Thanks a lot for the coupon code!


“May The Force Be With You” t-shirt

by Andy on October 16, 2015

Commemorate the most iconic scene in sci-fi history with this clever cartoon analogy. A must-have for Star Wars fans and tech geeks alike. T-shirts are screen-printed with an eco-friendly discharge process onto 100% cotton, quality lightweight t-shirts, giving a lovely soft hand-feel. White, grey and red print on a black tee.

Andy: I think that this is the first time I’ve ever had a submission from a company that are selling via Amazon, which I probably find more interesting than any of you.

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James from Mind Garden is excited to introduce his first collection, featuring the ‘Debbie Harry’ t-shirt by Erika Simmons. Erika creates portraits using magnetic cassette tape which James thought was cool. All four designs are available to pre-purchase through Kickstarter. Each T-shirt is screen printed by Monster Press on loose neck 145 gsm 100% ring spun combed cotton, specially selected for its comfort and fit. Designs are limited to runs of 20 – once they’re gone, they’re gone.

Pledge now then drop James an email after doing so, quote ‘hideyourarms‘ in the subject field and he’ll arrange for an additional free t-shirt from the collection to be sent out to you. Don’t forget to reference your Kickstarter username in the email.

Keep up to date with Mind Garden on Instagram and Facebook
Check out more of Erikas work here

Andy: Great designs and a fantastic deal for HYA readers, thanks!


Back online the Fiasco Boy “Watch the Throne” Tee is back available at Available in the “Bred” and “Concord” colorway. Shipping worldwide and available in all sizes. This tee will only be available for a limited time.

Andy: Not exactly my kind of thing but I certainly can’t fault it, and decent promo pics too.


Area Code Tees

by Andy on October 14, 2015

Trying out a concept for area code tee shirts, using simple state outlines on colored tees. Some of them are based on sports team colors, while others are just based on the vibe of a particular place. Credit where credit is due: original inspiration was from a tee I bought back in 2009 made by MikeJames Clothing. Different design but same idea. I wanted to buy a new tee since mine was getting ratty, but they seem to have closed up shop. Thus my idea was born to put these out into the world again…

coupon code HIDEYOURARMS gets you 20% off between now and the end of October, 10/31 at midnight Eastern Standard Time.

Andy: Quite an interesting idea, I’ve seen it done a few times in a similar way. As ever, promo photos would really help with this kind of thing, especially if you could make the shots for each item be related to the area code they represent (even with just a simple background to the image).

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Ambitious Collective Fall 2015 Lookbook

by Andy on October 14, 2015

Ambitious Collective presents their Fall 2015 Lookbook. The lineup consists of four tees and one hoodie. Everything is now live on our online shop. Check out the goods at

Andy: Really like the typework on these, some good lookin’ tees.


For those of us that don’t want figure out a costume for Halloween this year, but instead would prefer the simplicity of a t-shirt. Kurt Marks of Crypticus Apparel who recently joined Babbletees has produced some really fun designs that should help you avoid being shamed for not wearing a costume at parties this year.

Use coupon codehideyourarms‘ for 50% off your entire order!

Andy: 50% off? Damn!


Haunted Collection VI from Seventh.Ink

by Andy on October 7, 2015

Matthew Johnson of Seventh.Ink is excited to announce Haunted Collection VI, the newest release in the ongoing fall series. All items will be available on Thursday, October 8th, at 11:59pm at Everything will be limited edition and items are expected to sell out. As a bonus, the first 50 orders will receive a free HCVI Drawstring Bag!

There are five designs overall with an assortment of products for each ranging from shirts to prints to stickers and more. Some of the items glow in the dark, and there are even some new types of products such as prints with reflective foil elements. There will also be a very limited number of Premium Box Sets available. The Premium Box Sets include a ton of items and are limited to only 10 this year. Each set comes with the following:

Engraved Black Wooden Box
3×5 Embroidered Patch
Die Cut Pumpkin Sticker
Kiss Cut Sheet of Bats Stickers (8 stickers)
9×12 Pumpkin Screen Print
All four shirts from the collection

Matthew put a ton of work into this release and it will be the largest and most exciting Haunted Collection yet. You can RSVP to the Facebook event here and you can view more previews and behind the scenes images about the release through Instagram.

Andy: Really impressive release from Matt, he always goes to the next level when it comes to Halloween and that foil print looks especially gorgeous. As a little bonus here’s a timelapse (with appropriately heavy music) of the illustration process that leaves me feeling talentless.

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I may be dead, but I’m still pretty.

Sharon Slub Crew Neck Ladies Tee

100% Ringspun Slub Cotton

140 gsm.

Andy: This tee is made by a company called Massive Arms, not sure how I’m meant to feel about that…


Catsmeow Monochrome Collection

by Andy on October 7, 2015

Catsmeow® just released a Monochrome 2015 collection, all article almost only in black and white shirts and designs, playing with funny pocket shirts, long sleeve shirts, detail silk screen printed etc. We ship worldwide, flat rate shipping $6 for all place, check them out after the jump!?

Andy: Cats on the internet? This clearly won’t do well, no one on the interest has any interest in cats.


OMUNKY add Infant sizes to their lineup

by Andy on October 6, 2015

omunky infant sized cute animal t-shirts
If there was ever a brand that would benefit from infant sizes I think that OMUNKY are it, so I guess the only surprise is how long it’s taken for this to happen, and hopefully it will be successful enough to expand the range beyond the single design you see above. They also have toddler so now you can kit out your child in OMUNKY swag from birth until you kick them out of your house.


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