NEO LUX Illuminated Hoodie with built in E-Cig to launch 11/26/15

by Andy on December 11, 2015

Fashion and tech now illuminated
NEO LUX is launching their next generation of the worlds most advanced EL wire light up jackets now with optional built in “E” cigarette.

11/26/2015 Dayton, Ohio
Neo Lux CEO, Sheldon Williamson, is launching his next line of Electroluminescent Wire (EL Wire) jackets with not only further advanced tech and unmatched designs but with an optional hidden E cig for the incognito Vap user . The product line will be available worldwide on thanks giving day (11-26-15). The Ohio based company has not only redefined quality and design in the EL Wire industry but they are still unchallenged for the rights of the worlds most advanced EL wire jacket. With features like practically infallible electronics and multiple light styles with curves, swirls, and even sharp edges they are truly ahead of the curve.

It is also a Product actually “Designed” and “built” right here in Ohio unlike other brands, NEO LUX is helping to reinvigorate manufacturing in the USA. With locally trained contractors working from the comfort of their own home Sheldon is improving the lives of everyday people. His uniquely designed light up hoodies promise to bring safety and style to all of your favorite night time/ early morning activities.

Five years in and the company is still strong and growing. With dreams of advancing their tech to the level seen in Disney’s hit movie “Tron Legacy” CEO Sheldon Williamson says “ its not if but when” and says It may even come soon. Rolling out their new line with an industry leading three month warranty on all NEO LUX constructed electronics you can rest assured you’re in for a completely different light up jacket buying experience. What’s even more impressive is the company is not just out there to make a buck but also to create social change.

With the launch of their program “Equality Matters” right alongside the new jacket line they intend to pursue real problems facing our communities. With the launch of the program they will be setting aside $5 from every jacket purchase to tackle local issues of inequality, issues like racism and sexism. The first target in their sights is racism. The funds will go to programs to educate local suburban communities.“We start by creating change in our own back yard then spread it into the world. “ Sheldon Williamson

Andy: I don’t smoke in any way so this isn’t for me, but I do have to admire that innovation and I’ve always thought EL wire on clothing was kinda neat.

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