Brand New Tees from Absolution Apparel

by Andy on January 7, 2016

Absolution Apparel is back at again. They have just released two new t-shirts and few other products on there site. Lets talk about these two new tees though. These next tees were really designed using a minimal look and really tells a story behind the these two designs. They are printed on some fitted soft tees and our still maintaining there quality to there prints. By using water base inks the prints are no feel to the touch and last along side the garment.

Here’s to my past
We have all got a past. Lets face it right, everyone has something in there past they would change. Our choices in life don’t dictate our entire lives. Always keep moving forward, and learn from the failures life sometimes throws at you. This design is dedicated to those that will not let there past destroy them. Here’s to our past

Find what makes you happy
Finding what makes you happy is a little hard now days. We all have so many things to do in our everyday life. It could be to our jobs, family or friends. We have so many things that we feel obligated to do. Which makes us forget about ourselves in this crazy thing called life. Sometimes we need to take a moment for ourselves. Really MAGNIFY the things in life that makes you happy :) Don’t ever lose your happy

Andy: Not my personal style (you must know by now how a British person feels about positive sayings on t-shirts), but there’s certainly nothing wrong with them, they look well done.

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