Cool Funny Graphic T Shirts By GeekingBad

by Andy on March 9, 2016

Express your sense of humor and style with our collection of custom graphic tees designed by GeekingBad. We recently launched our t shirt shop despite everyone and their mother telling us we were going to fail. They said we’re stupid, that the market is over saturated. While it may be true there are a million and one t shirt shops, we got into the business of designing t shirts simply because we love to and have a blast doing it. Plus we are a little hard headed. We knew to succeed we would have to design t shirts that are awesome. Ones you can not wait to show off. All our t shirts are made in The USA. 100% sweatshop free using American Apparel brand shirts. From our experience they are the softest, most comfortable t shirts you’ll ever wear. We are a small team of designers and printers and love sharing our designs with the world. The most rewarding aspect of our business is seeing our customers wearing and raving about our shirts. We like to get to know our customers so if you have any questions, contact us. We’d love to hear from you.

Thank you Andy for giving us a chance to promote our newly launched shop on your site. We really like what you’ve done with Hide Your Arms and would like to offer readers a complementary 5% discount off any t shirt in our shop using coupon code: HIDEYOURARMS during checkout.

Check out our collection of graphic tees at

Andy: Not particularly to my personal taste but I’m sure they’d look quite fun when they’re actually being worn instead of as mockups.

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  • Don Logan

    Interesting how they have a photo of Ugmonk products on their website….

  • Andy (Hide Your Arms)

    Hmmmm, that is a little odd. I’d like to think that they

    just forgot to replace a holder image on their site, but if not I don’t really know what they think they’re going to get out of that.

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