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by Andy on March 23, 2016

Relentlessly pursuing your goals with passion is what defines Ear of Fear Apparel. Cauliflower ear symbolizes the best of wrestling. It is a symbol characterized by perseverance, dedication, sacrifice, and hard work. It is a symbol that athletes respect and others have learned to fear. It is our goal to unleash that character in every person.

Ear of Fear Apparel is a company whose goal is to inspire people to go the extra mile to bust though those walls that seem impossible to break through. Never give up and never back down is the way we approach sport and life. Breaking through those walls help give us the confidence to know we can. It also helps equip us for the next one that will inevitably come.

We want every piece of apparel to be a reminder that YOU CAN! Whether you are training for a State, National, and/or World Championship or just trying to get through one of life’s next struggles. We create a culture that values a relentless pursuit of your goals with passion and meeting each new challenge head on.

Ear of Fear is dedicated to the advancement of Wrestling, Submission Grappling, Boxing and MMA around the world. We work with the best up and coming combat athletes to help them reach their goals.

Get your Ear of Fear Apparel today and help support a inspirational clean combat brand and the athletes we represent. Become part of the Ear of Fear team today!

What can you do when you are tired and want to give up? That is one of the most import questions you must ask yourself!

Andy: There’s something about the typography on the “perseverance” text on that white tee that just doesn’t sit right with me. It just doesn’t fit with the rest of the style that they’re building up, the typefaces clash and it’s strange to have all capitals at the top on the logo and then lowercase text beneath it. Then again when you visit their website it says “no products found” so maybe they jumped the gun a bit with this post submission. Generally speaking, there’s no point sending me a submission if you don’t actually have anything on your site to sell since with all the competition these days it’s rare for people that haven’t encountered a brand before to wait for products to become available when they could just order a cool tee elsewhere. Also, in these cases it’s a good idea to have a newsletter signup form so that people who are interested can be notified when the shop actually does open.

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