Turn Your Universe On

by Andy on March 23, 2016

Spaced Out Shop’s recently been revitalized and re-energized with a new vision of “Turning Your Universe on by arming Mindful Warriors with Positive Propaganda.”

The angle behind our first tangible positive propaganda is www.breathecunt.org, a reminder to take control of our inner cunts (a.k.a. egos). We call it #BCBodyArmour – while not stab or bullet-proof, the gear’s adult resistant and tough as fuck. Available in tanks, tees, or hoodies and comes in any colour as long as it’s black.

There’s more badass apparel in the works, which’ll inspire humanbeasts to relax, not take shit too seriously and enjoy the ride.

Turn Your Universe On with the code ‘SOSHYA’ for 10% off (valid until 06/06/16)! You can also join our affiliate program and help spread the good words.


Andy: I misread that hashtag at the bottom, but that’s probably the point of it. Probably comes as no surprise that I won’t be walking around with a t-shirt with the c-word on it.

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