New Logo Tees From Nature Nerd!

by Andy on April 18, 2016

Just one month after launching, Nature Nerd has released a small mini series of 3 logo style shirts, which are also available on hoodies and various other apparel and accessories like tote bags and coffee mugs. The designs have a rugged vintage feel to them that any outdoors enthusiast would love. This small release is to hold everyone over until the next major release which will be themed like the debut Seasons series. A theme has not been confirmed yet, but it will be just as awesome! Until then, enjoy these new designs and get ready for these warmer months, its time to get outside!

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Andy: The good thing about calling your brand Nature Nerd is that people don’t necessarily have to be big fans of the brand to want to wear that brand, they might just like the name if they’re an outdoorsy-type. I’d really like to see the real thing instead of mockups for these tees as I’m sure they look good printed.

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