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June 2016

“I’m Gaming Tonight” t-shirt

by Andy on June 13, 2016

Being a massive pop culture enthusiast since I was a kid, I wanted to make a T-shirt that somehow captured the beauty of the nostalgia I had growing up. Sega being my earliest memory of a console and Nintendo Entertainment System being something I became fascinated with much later in life, the overall minimalism of the shirt gives enough information to support the retro text and game controller logo making for a truly mashing of brands and self aware identity.

Andy: This would probably work a lot better on a colour other than white. On white it makes it look cheaper than it is, and let’s be honest, gamers are probably more likely to wear a darker coloured shirt (I have no evidence for that, just intuition). Obviously with it being a RedBubble design you can pick the colour yourself, but there are only so many colours that would with a black print. I’m not so sure about the typeface that has been chosen either, yes, it’s got retro charm to it, but is it a bit too obvious of a choice for the font?

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For those people who “Oh whale” on Mondays… or just love whales in general. :) This idea is based on people’s opinons and interests and I consider and the design to incoorperate these ideas. This is one of the end products that everyone agree on. This is simple and very comfortable which most people complimented on.

Made in: United States
Styles: hoodies, tees, sweatshirts
Avaliable colours: light pink, light blue, pink, blue, light grey, grey, dark grey
Official webpage:

Andy: I’m only sharing this one because they did a good job on the mockups, otherwise, it’s not really my cup of tea.


Some new treats from Robber Barons Ink

by Andy on June 10, 2016

Help yourself to some of our newest designs available now only at Specializing in original hand-screened t-shirts, Robber Barons Ink make shirts that we’d want to wear, and hope you will too. Save 10% with promo code “hideyourarms“!

Andy: I’d love to wear that pig shirt whilst manning the grill over the Summer!

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Introducing TURBOLUV

by Andy on June 9, 2016

TURBOLUV is an underground streetwear brand that centers on cool retro inspired t-shirts. Founded in mid-2015 by designer/artist Pedro Molina aka Sushilove, the brand has already established a worldwide following.

Being a graphic designer in the apparel industry for over ten years, my dream has always been creating my own clothing brand to have the freedom to release the kind of t-shirts I’ve always loved. Being an 80’s kid have influenced me a lot in my art, and inspired by sci-fi, videogames and comic books I wanted to design streetwear with a retro touch.

Today TURBOLUV is a reality, and my mission is as simple as delivering cool t-shirts to all the dreamers in this universe.

The current line consists of screenprinted t-shirts and sublimation allover t-shirts.

Andy: I just don’t think I’m cool enough to wear shirts this ironic, but I still think they’re pretty neat.


I’ve got a new design up for pre order. Kids Love Ice Cream You can grab one for 20 bucks.

Andy: Saw the name, looked at the tee, chuckled and shook my head. Good work Ed!


If you ready for some quirkiness in your life, visit and browse our T-shirts collection. Here’s the best part: 20% off discount with special code ‘hideyourarms

Andy: The shirts don’t appeal to me personally, but there’s certainly nothing wrong with them, different strokes for different folks and all that!

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Rocket Blue Apparel for Dog Owners

by Andy on June 9, 2016

Premium vintage-style t-shirts for dog owners. Love your Dog.

Andy: In a world where tees that are dedicated to how much you love your pet are usually atrocious, these are a welcome change of pace.


Are you ready to rebel?!

by Andy on June 9, 2016

I often question myself ‘Where are all the rebels these days?’ – I grew up in a punk, skateboard and graffiti society and anarchy was everywhere; Nowadays everything is retro hipster, sleek and pretty, everything looks the same. So I came up with this concept/design to blend in with that exact vibe but hid a little rebellion into it. I think the world needs more rebels. For no reason really, thats the point. I’d like to have more mavericks joining me in fighting the ‘dime a dozen’ this world has become.

Provo-King clothing is a niche I like to refer too as ‘Undercover Rebellious’ or ‘Rebellicious’ or you may even call it ‘hipster rebellion’. In every design I try to create a fun and/or provoking silent scream that says something, without you really saying it.

Andy: It’s a phrase we’ve all heard before so I do wonder if it’s almost becoming cliche, but I do like the typework and the items look good.


2016 Funny Father’s Day T-Shirt

by Andy on June 7, 2016

Don’t be late for Father’s Day again! We’ve designed the perfect shirt to show your dad he’s special. He’ll get a good kick out of wearing his new shirt, and will receive compliments from others born in the stone age. Show your dad you love him this Father’s Day season. Normally this shirt is $20, but for being a Hide Your Arms fanatic, we’re giving you 5% off! Use code ‘FATHERSDAY’ at checkout.(Coupon ends June 20th) :)

Buy It Here —

Our Shop:




Andy: I don’t like it, but then again I’m not a Dad, so it’s not meant to appeal to me.


Women’s Pineapple Graphic Tee

by Andy on June 7, 2016

Perfect Pineapple Tee just in time for summer!
• Ultra-soft, fitted scoop neck t-shirt
• Tri-Blend: 50% Polyester / 25% Cotton / 25% Rayon

Andy: I like it!

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Fiasco Worldwide “Sunset City” Tee

by Andy on June 7, 2016

The “Sunset City” Tee collaboration between @venture_club and @fiascoworldwide is now available online!
Purchase link here:
#fiascobrand #fiascoworldwide

Andy: Cool looking tee, part of me would like to see it with a bigger print, but this approach is a bit more understated I suppose.


Communist Chic

by Andy on June 7, 2016

We work for a company that caters to tourists with a bit of fire in their DNA. We organize trips to locations that are far off the beaten path (Think: Surfing in North Korea, and visiting Azerbaijan, and Iran).

We have a ridiculously talented group of designers in the office. In their downtime, they love making T-shirts inspired by our discoveries.

Help us spread the love with wearable travel adventures!

Andy: Pretty fun idea, and the designs aren’t too shabby either!


Peace is simple, it starts from within. Help spread the message of world peace.
Get 15% Off by entering code HYA at checkout.

Andy: Another nice shirt from these guys, they sent me a shirt a month or so ago and it’s got a good print on and washes well, so you can buy with confidence.


Clothing brand inspired by snowboarding, skateboarding, and surfing lifestyle. The t-shirt’s are uh, for fun.

We’re on a mission to shred, inspire, and create.

Andy: I really like that plant print tee, some interesting stuff here.


4 OAK Apparel

by Andy on June 7, 2016

Four suits brought together to make one logo. The representation of love, luck, wealth and class. Four oak embodies all these themes within the designs along with the inspirations and empowering messages they bring. A brand that focuses on exclusivity and premium quality. 4 O. A. K. is an acronym that stands for Four Of A Kind. It is a direct reflection of our logo. We are not just another clothing line or a bunch of designs massed together. Every design is in one way shape or form related to any of these suits. Some are easy to tell and others require a bit more thinking.

Andy: Starting a brand with a heavy lean on logo shirts is a gamble unless you have a good group of fans to help support you early on, but I do like some of these shirts so hopefully they’ll have appeal beyond their established friends/family and help with growth.


Minnesota Thibodeau

by Andy on June 3, 2016

Had to flip this for my guy Thibs, a true fallen Chicago Soldier. Took the Bulls to the playoffs every year and not surprisingly after he got the axe, the team completely fell apart.

Gonna pretty much have to low key be a Minnesota fan until they burn GarPax’s office down.

25% off coupon code HARDINTHEPAINT

Andy: I have no idea who that guys is, but I imagine that this will appeal to fans.

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by Andy on June 2, 2016

We are excited to release a couple of brand new tees for the summer. SMITH X AWL. & SIDE HUSTLE CO. The concept behind Smith x Awl is for the person who produces superior craftsmanship & Awl are the tools use to make it. This t-shirt is design for the person who love designs with blacksmith style craftsmanship.

SIDE HUSTLE CO. TEE – Our belief is every dream is birthed from a side hustle. We created a tee that helps remind us that all things endeavored start out small/side hustle. The Side Hustle Co. t-shirt design is custom embroidered stitched to give that unique craftsmanship style. Our goal was to create real world industrial style t-shirts. Lastly each shirt will come package in a 10×14 inch drawstring burlap bag. For a limited time 10% discount use code: smithxawl10 & sidehustleco10 @ check out.

Andy: A real lesson from these designs in how keeping it simple is often a good idea..


Our passion for creating the “Your Hometown T” line of unique, fun and really comfortable t-shirts, is build around our commitment to allow others to join us in celebrating and paying respect for all those special memories, personal bonds and emotional ties we all hold so near and dear for that special place each of us calls our Hometown.

For the majority of us, the place we grow up in, grow older in, or grow a family in, leaves us with special bonds, relationships, and memories, all compiled through experiences over the years, with the result being an emotional tie as well as a sense of pride in it.

If you are one of those like minded people, who share with us in the respect and appreciation of the people, memories, and experiences for the place you grew up in, moved to and planted deep and strong roots in, or both, – Welcome to the celebration of the place you call Hometown.

Andy: Maybe it’s just because my recent experience of location-based tees is 50 States Apparel who have some amazing designs that fit right in with my style, but I feel like these are leaning pretty hard n you having roots with the location, rather than having a bit broader appeal to people like me that aren’t from the area but might like to buy a shirt based on a place that I like anyway. That said, there are some cool designs on their site that I like despite having no association with the locations.


Friends Not Food – Vegan Tee – American Apparel Women’s Poly Cotton T-Shirt Item 1380

Celebrate your vegan style with this cute fun on the farm fitted Tee

Our women’s graphic t-shirts are digitally printed using the latest in direct to garment print technology. Inks are infused directly into the fibers of the fabric, giving a smooth finish and super soft feel. Eco-friendly inks are water based and designed to last as many wears and washes you throw their way. Feel good knowing any of our shirts make awesome candidates to become your next favorite tee.

Tees available in small to XL in this brand. Larger available in other brands.

Andy: Nicely designed, and not too preachy, which can often be a problem with vegan or veggie shirts.


The Badge of the Republic by designer Kirstin Bencomo is now available for limited pre-order. Get it here:

Here’s what he has to say about the design:
“Moving from one of the lowest points in the US (Florida… Miami specifically) to some place that actually has elevation has been an interesting turn of events in my life. I have experienced so many new elements of nature and am constantly in awe of my new home.”

Get 15% off using code: HIDEYOURARMS15

Interested in submitting a tshirt design? Join a community of designers representing our favorite places across America through apparel.

Andy: Damn, that is one good looking shirt.


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