4 OAK Apparel

by Andy on June 7, 2016

Four suits brought together to make one logo. The representation of love, luck, wealth and class. Four oak embodies all these themes within the designs along with the inspirations and empowering messages they bring. A brand that focuses on exclusivity and premium quality. 4 O. A. K. is an acronym that stands for Four Of A Kind. It is a direct reflection of our logo. We are not just another clothing line or a bunch of designs massed together. Every design is in one way shape or form related to any of these suits. Some are easy to tell and others require a bit more thinking.

Andy: Starting a brand with a heavy lean on logo shirts is a gamble unless you have a good group of fans to help support you early on, but I do like some of these shirts so hopefully they’ll have appeal beyond their established friends/family and help with growth.

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