Are you ready to rebel?!

by Andy on June 9, 2016

I often question myself ‘Where are all the rebels these days?’ – I grew up in a punk, skateboard and graffiti society and anarchy was everywhere; Nowadays everything is retro hipster, sleek and pretty, everything looks the same. So I came up with this concept/design to blend in with that exact vibe but hid a little rebellion into it. I think the world needs more rebels. For no reason really, thats the point. I’d like to have more mavericks joining me in fighting the ‘dime a dozen’ this world has become.

Provo-King clothing is a niche I like to refer too as ‘Undercover Rebellious’ or ‘Rebellicious’ or you may even call it ‘hipster rebellion’. In every design I try to create a fun and/or provoking silent scream that says something, without you really saying it.

Andy: It’s a phrase we’ve all heard before so I do wonder if it’s almost becoming cliche, but I do like the typework and the items look good.

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