The impact of environmental threats through Art

by Andy on July 20, 2016

ARTPIZZAZZ is dedicated to promoting bold, inspiring artistic creations from around the world.
All our pieces are hand-drawn before being printed on merchandise in the USA.
Our collections span from Love – loving ourselves inside out; endangered species – a cry from a planet in peril along with a latest collection birds – dusting off our feathers and soaring to new heights.
We are inspired by nature and by preserving the environment. Check out our various collections and be inspired.

Andy: At first when I saw these shirts I thought that they were “too colourful for me”, a 31 year old guy that is still far too self-conscious for his own good, but you know what? These designs are really cool and there’s something refreshingly different about them, even if I’d still be a little scared to wear them out of the house. Thanks for the submission Gladys!

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