LoneWolfMuskoka Tee Emporium

by Andy on August 4, 2016

I have a quirky sense of humour, and I love to make people laugh. And I think I’ve found a way to share that with the world.

Tee shirts and hoodies have become a new medium and they’re perfect for spreading the fun with your friends. I’ve opened a new brand that I call LoneWolfMuskoka’s Tee Emporium. You can find these designs at Say Hi To Chainsaw in the Tee Shirts pages (5 are up now, with 6 more in the pipeline). Production and delivery is all handled by Zazzle.

I’m hoping to have new designs at least once a week as I go forward. But sometimes I just go crazy!

Andy: Let’s be honest, you’ll never see me wearing a shirt like this, but using Zazzle as the storefront means they’re taking minimal risk and working out what works for them and what doesn’t. Good luck!

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