Pokemon Go is here to stay. Here are some of the top t shirts you need to add to your wardrobe right now

by Andy on August 8, 2016

When John Hanke met with Pokémon CEO Tsunekazu Ishihara last year. He had no idea just how amazing his vision was truly going to be. Niantic Labs, the Company behind the world wide phenomenon known as Pokémon Go has been shot to center stage with the likes that no other gaming company has ever seen. “You see these people everywhere, they are playing this game like no one ever envisioned.” John Turner, creator of the Pokémon Go apparel website, www.pokemongotshirts.com and pictured in his favorite Pokemon T-shirt, “Ash meets Pikachu.” said in a recent interview. It truly is amazing and whats more amazing is the potential for more businesses to capitalize on this phenomenon as well.

While there are hundreds of different sites sporting Pokemon shirts and hoodies, John’s company is a little different. “We give back as much as we can.” What John is speaking to is the Charitable side of his business. pokemongotshirts.com gives back 10% or more to the charity or organization that they are currently partnered with. “Right now we are building a relationship with www.rootsandshots.org” This organization was founded by Jane Goodall and she has done a tremendous job with everything from helping communities learning how to build community gardens in Brooklyn to stopping beach erosion in California. On Charities and Dot Org’s, John said “In life, in order to be effective you have to have balance and also give back. I’ve had the opportunity to be a apart of many different business ventures and I have always tried to give back in some way, whether that giving be through monetary donations or simply volunteering my time.” When you have a moment please head on over to www.pokemongotshirts.com and check out all the cool designs John and his team have to offer, and also check out www.rootsandshoots.org . Get outside and get involved!

Andy: Hmmmmm, I think I see a cease & desist letter from Nintendo’s lawyers in their future.

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