WestPointCo. | California-inspired Clothes for Boys

by Andy on August 8, 2016

Hey Guys! This is WestPointCo.! We are a Spanish-based California-inspired Clothing Company that has just started.
Our motto: The West, The Sun & The Waves.
We are really looking forward to expand our company soon. Our website’s currently in Spanish but we hope to have the English version soon too. (We ship worldwide though)

So, after all this presentation, we, the WestPoint Crew, want to show you our new, fresh, Summer ’16 Collection!

Feel free to visit our website www.westpointco.com
and our Social Media Accounts for:
· Twitter @wpointco
· Instagram @wpointco
· Facebook Page @westpointco / West Point Co.


Andy: There’s some nice stuff here, I often worry about new brands that just have logo stuff for their opening collection, but if you do it right, as I feel West Point have, then at least it will be easier to convert people into wanting to wear your stuff.

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